your ram?

hey, i just wanted to know for our parkour pro game: here

I’m running 6GB, although i use windows XP most of the time so i get to use a huge 2.75GB of that, however under Vista 64 i can make use of all of it… although with the current speed of HDD’s there isn’t much benefit >_>

need quality intel solid state. :wink:

ionee, with all seriousness, you should have probably polled in the GE section,
as here in the news section you’ll get lots of 3+ gig machine owners,
and in practice most gamers don’t. :wink:

I personally would suggest accounting for 512 as minimum,
and generally making the game for 1-2 gig systems, should be balanced. :slight_smile:

I always target(from dev start date)the avg power pc(not mac…just a term).

1GB hoping to add my last supported gig sometime soon.

Im using 8GB on Vista 64bit here but thats mainly used for 3d work…games don’t even touch it really.
You might be interested the steam hardware survey thats taken every month by Valve.

It seems that average amount is now 2GB so IMHO it would be best to target 1GB as a good minimum as only 8.37% of people have less than that, but it depends which demographic you are trying to target.

Less than 512 MB(-0.14%) 1.40%
512 Mb to 999 MB(-0.52%) 6.97%
1 GB(-1.26%) 16.35%
2 GB(-1.19%) 33.75%
3 GB(+1.17%) 27.33%
4 GB(+1.09%) 9.53%
5 GB and higher(+0.85%) 4.67%

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

My machine has 2gb now, but I’m planning to add 2-4gb more when needed, currently linux uses 500mb in normal usage and I’m kinda annoyed that I have 1.5gb unused memory, maybe I should install windows. :slight_smile:

I recently built a computer and threw 8 GB of ddr3 in it…

You also need to look at what gets thrown on the video memory, as having huge textures and such can destroy this.

Also, complex scenes bog down the processor.

I think this poll is incomplete

or over: 38
wow, parkour pro is going to the extreme!!!
with the average people with great ram, our game can get more

tell me a bit ore about your game if you dont mind- I checked out the thread and pics but dont have time at the moment to go through 16 pages to find out…

pm you…
(private messag_ check your inbox)

4gegs …dood ,i think its with the BGE that runs the games slowly . In other game engines games with such graphics can be run at 512 MB .

I’m running 14 GB RAM in my Mac Pro.

14gb ram!! mac!!
im amazed…

I personally would suggest accounting for 512 as minimum,
and generally making the game for 1-2 gig systems, should be balanced.Therefore, I recommend this website:

wow… I’m still with 1 GB… :smiley:

8 Gb for the last 2 years now…

…maybe it’s time to upgrade, my Quad Core system is 2 & 1/2 years old now…the problem is…
the world hasn’t really moved that much since…

obviously has> roofoo with 14gb

nah, thats mac pro(with upgraded memory), aka the ‘workstation’ of mac’s.

buy a good server mobo with 2 cpu sockets and 4+ ram slots and your golden. :wink:

ooh, and don’t forget the solid state drives, now thats where the current progress is…

4 gigs for me. You should put in more options (ie 4, 6, 8, more than 8 or something) since so many people are responding “more than 3”.