Your specific definition of fun, as the meaning would be relative

I’m talking about how the word ‘fun’ may have a rigid definition to kids, but what you should know that the meaning of the word is relative to everyone.

Someone may have a high standard meaning for it meaning they must be doing something really cool like skydiving and the like. Some take it a bit more to Earth with simpler things like building a sandcastle or being told interesting stories about history. Some have a definition where not everyone agrees with but it applies to the person, like working on a word document, modeling small things in Blender, or simple fixing objects such as a clock.

When it comes to modeling things in Blender some may find boring certain tasks as cleaning a mesh or merging verticies, but the fun part may be watching those tasks expand and improve the scene, or how one may continuisly tweak a material, but one finds the fun part seeing their render become better and better until it reaches perfection, or even watching the renderer work on the image as more elements of the image is revealed and how exciting it is when the elements are exactly how you wanted it to be.

What is your definition of the word ‘fun’ how does it apply to you and what things do you do that fits that definition?

What is fun? Two words;

Marginal utility

Because, you see, leisure is an economic good of utmost importance to most market actors.

What do I do for fun you ask? Well, amongst other things I enjoy studying Austrian economic theory and Rothbardian ethics even though I haven’t been doing a whole lot of that since I made the (good/bad) decision to sit down and actually learn how to use this blender thing.

Required Reading on this subject

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