Your thoughts on improvements to the BGE

Hi guys,

I was thinking before, what do you think would benefit the BGE? What would you like to see implemented in the BGE? This isn’t a “we’ll-make-a-list-and-then-bug-the-devs” thread, I’m just curious as to what people would like the BGE to be able to do.

Here are mine:

  • Realistic car handling (powerslides, proper steering, suspension, a car rig etc)
  • A fast racing AI (no idea how this would be done, but think Race Driver GRID, DiRT etc. Like the AI makes mistakes and can cause crashes too.)
  • Speed optimization, so that we can have higher-poly models and scenes. I know a lot can be done with texturing, but to be able to have higher poly models we could do so much more)
  • A major sound system update.
  • Automatic LOD?Well, probably some of them are impossible. But that’s all I can think of at the moment. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts… :yes:


Are you talking about SoGu? Killer is doing some special build with some Awesome new BGE features or something. Shadows would be at the top of my list but that is already…:wink:

SoGu? What’s that? Nope, just asking what people would love to be included in the GE

the top feature is the performance, without it there’s no sense to have any other feature if we need a super computer to play the games.


Replace logic bricks with nodes…

Path tracing algorithym

Re-factored logic system aka. logic nodes, like, move all the logic controls to the node editor.

That and just good optimization would be one hell of a start. :slight_smile:

The whole of Blender has been promised a sound system update for a while I believe. It would be lovely to have ogg/mp3 support in the game engine. Much smaller run times.

Automatic LOD generation would require loads of work I’m guessing. Try removing vtx edges without the uvs screwing up at the moment. A LOD logic brick would be great. Even lovelier if it supported skeletons etc

I’d love some move advanced scene culling. Portal system?

AI would be great. But it might be more practical to have template scene e.g. RTS scene that you loaded up and adapted (like the FPS template)

Ability to stream or load new data/scenes/models/levels on the fly like GTA or Getaway

we can dream :wink:

i would love to play monkey island 3 on blender.
and while playing it,
i’d appreciate to get cup of coffee delivered every 30 mins.

please make that, and not shadows.


Basse, you forgot to specify what type of coffee :wink:

Is this the time for another feature request thread, according to the mailing lists Brecht has just done shadow optimizations, fixed custom GLSL shaders working with Blender GLSL, and another optimization or two.

There’s all the logic upgrades on top of that too.

I would like this:

CD, it’s not a request thread. I’m just curious as to what people would like to see in the BGE, even if it’s impossible. Read the first post :wink:

the latest bullet features added eg. real-time soft bodies and tearing cloth… proper rag dolls… LOD system… (not automatic… one you control)… mp3/ogg support… um… speed optimisations… reflections… a better gfX card so I can use all these features at a higher frame rate ;-)… but heck they’ve really added in a tonne of new features allready… don’t’ want to appear ungratefull or anything!! :wink: