Your time has come

YAY! I finished a project!! (it´s my second:D)
I have atleast 7 other things half done
Anyway here it is:

EDIT: i hope it isn’t to dark


yup, too dark. you can make something “feel” dark without it actually “being” dark. add a few low intensity lights so we can see the scene

Great modelling, I agree about the lighting. Try using a couple of spotlights with low intensity halo, you can create ‘beams’ of light that way.

I thougt so to:rolleyes:
Hope this is better


still too dark! try to get a spot light just focused from stage right onto his face, so we can see the detail. one spotlight is not going to make it “too light” which I think is your concern - a spot light will just pick up the details and make them “pop”

This have to be enough
I don’t want it to bet to bright cause i think it ruins the scene
but this should be enough


now that I can see it, good job.