Your Tips for Beginner Animators?


So I was thinking of making a video on tips for beginner animators using Blender. So I wanted to ask here, what tips would you give beginners?

A few thoughts I’ve had-

-Don’t worry about making things look pretty when your learning-
I know I made this mistake when I first started Blender. I thought all I had to learn was the animation process in Blender and immediately I’d be able to create beautiful animations. Nope. Their’s so much more needed to be learned before one starts animation. And that means practice. And while your practicing, you shouldn’t care if it’s pretty or not, you should only care about the animation itself. Movement, timing, pacing, visual story telling, you need to focus on things like this first before making anything look pretty.

-Don’t use Cycles!-
Similar to my previous point, you shouldn’t be using cycles when your practicing animation. Cycles takes a lot of time to render, time you could be using for practicing! Unless you’ve got a beastly computer you shouldn’t use cycles for your first animations.

-Animate things that will keep your interest in learning-
This is a problem I think a lot of people have. Their they are learning animation, perhaps doing a walk cycle, or something simple and mundane and they start loosing interest. It’s just not interesting enough for them.
And while their is a lot to learn from something as simple as a walk cycle for a beginner, if their loosing motivation, that’s just no good! So I really think that you need to animate things that your interested in, yet keep it simple. Wanna do a car chase scene? well use simple cubes for your cars and people and simple geometry for the environment. Anything too keep you learning, but still simple enough for your skill level.

None the less, I think everyone has their own way of learning, their own personal journey, but I’d like to help make that journey as easy as possible for newcomers.

Anyway, just some thoughts their, any tips you’ve got for the beginner animator?