Your typical bald Bond villain

Hey folks.

I’m now working tradigitally on a spy-related theme, so I’m beginning to produce art for it. I wanted to start with the villain since he dominates a big part of the piece:

Software: The GIMP.

Good job. It feels like it just came of the cover of a pulp novel.

I like it! A couple parts lack much depth though, namely the eyes and ears. They just look a bit too flat…

What project is this for?

A spy game.

Okay, the obvious “GoldenEye” reference was going to be a problem so I decided to change it. If anything, he’s more evil-looking now:

Very nice! I can’t do very much in GIMP.

I dunno, looks pretty funny…? I guess it looks kinda spray painty, and i’m not a real big fan of the design. Sorry :frowning:
However, i am very impressed with the eyebrows and outline, looks quite 3d. Perhaps i just don’t like the shading :smiley:

Looks a little pale…

I dunno, looks pretty funny…?
Thanks. It’s mean to, at the expense of the stereotype.

Looks a little pale…
He doesn’t sunbathe much. :cool: