Your work wanted please - Libre Graphics Day

Early next week I will be giving a conference about Blender at “Libre Graphics Day” (Open Source Graphics) here in New Zealand. I will have 40 minutes and I am preparing a brief history about Blender, and a tutorial which might change depending on whether the audience happens to have experience or not.

Anyway, rather than showcasing my own use of Blender, I would like to show off some files of what Blender can really do. I am going to take a selection from the gallery of course, but I thought I should also ask here if any of you have Blender work which might be good to show at the presentation? Renders and animations would be good, actual .blend files where I could show how things work would be even better.

Please… do any of you have something (e.g. blender files, work samples etc) which might be used to showcase Blender’s abilities?

will you be showing the files in 2.49, 2.5 alpha, or a recent build of 2.5?

While I will probably give a brief review on some of the new 2.5 features, most of my presentation will be with Blender examples in 2.49.

Would you like to have this blend file?

I sent you a PM.

Oh this is being held in Wellington. I guess I will have to get hold of footage of this later. All the best for your presentation & let’s hope, blender gets hold of more New Zealanders!

You could ask Endi if you could use his real-time lion and horse normal mapped models. Cool for showing viewport visual glitz.

PM him or rename the thread title to “3dsmax UI Blender something…” and you’ll get his attention :slight_smile:

Or take stuff from the open projects, Elephants Dream, Big Buck Bunny or Yo Frankie!.

That dinosaur could be very cool. I am after things like that which will give a bit of wow factor and also show exactly what Blender is for - modeling, animation etc. So yes, if you could upload the .blend file it would be appreciated.

Atom Thanks for your PM. The advertisement looks good. Have replied regarding passing on the .blend file; thinking filemonster might be the best way as my email gets cranky and drops large attachments.

kbot Thanks. I’m trying not to think about this being an international gig… that make me kind of nervous about being underprepared or something. Originally, they wanted me to speak for 20 minutes, but this got changed to 40… I’m hoping the majority will be of a level where I can teach them something.

Thanks - I’m stealing those awesome models of Endi’s until he says otherwise - thanks ( :smiley: yes, I have messaged him). They are awesome.
The director has asked me not to show Elephants Dream or BBB, as anyone interested in Blender will have already seen those. I’ll have them ready on the side though, just in case.

Hope your presentation goes well, there is a lot of great work made with Blender worth showing. Unfortunately, I don’t really have anything worth showing. My computer has been frustratingly wonky lately, so I haven’t been able to keep a project going steady.

Again, good luck, I hope you find some good stuff!

You may have a look at my finished projects. The blend files are available for download for almost all of them.