You're Still Here

Made this yesterday when I was feeling a bit down. Took 4 hours to make and 5 hours to render.
“You’re still here” - The meaning is that sometimes life crumple you up to a ball, but even in the most crushing times, you’re still here, the world hasn’t ended, you are here, in the present on this spinning pale blue dot, still breathing.

Anyway, take care of each other.

At first I didn’t understand the point. But than I read what you said about it, and I must say it’s wonderful and you passed the massage perfectly.

Just lovely and touching. On a technical side, creating crumpled paper has been one of the most difficult modeling tasks I ever attempted. You did good here. :slight_smile: - Reyn

Thank you, both, means a lot to me!

It was quite hard to get the paper looking like it’s really been crumpled. I thinks it’s decent but it lack the realistic material, had a problem with translucency so I mixed in transparent node but it only made it better with one notch.

Any tip on the paper material?

Now I have to realise the fact that my favourite artists, raynante, just gave a compliment on my post.
(Marcus, act cool about it! :RocknRoll:)

Crumpled paper ball was one of the trickiest thing to do for me in 3D. This one looks really nice. What was your approach?

I was thinking the same thing

Marvelous image.

I like to imagine the story behind the image, yes, I know you explained it, but I’m thinking about the image standing alone.

Words generally aren’t written on crumpled paper, so I assume the message, “You’re still here” was a note on uncrumpled paper written from someone to someone else. It’s written at the bottom of the page, an unusual place for a note, which indicates the writer is in some kind of distress. The recipient read the note, crumpled it up, and, rather than tossing it in the trash, left it on the table, sending it’s own kind of message back to the original author.

All sorts of dramatic possibilities…

mookie3d: I started to crumple paper in real life to see how the paper would behave. Lot’s of renders out there crumple the paper into a ball and a look that resemble a rose. That’s why I, before using the cloth simulator, folded the initial fold like I would do in real life. Then dropped the plane in a cone with a small sphere in the bottom that I’ve seen others do. After that it was just a matter of tweaking it until it looked good.

Orinoco: Wow, that’s a good story. One of many it can tell. Thanks for sharing it. :slight_smile:

How did you make that?

For those who wonder: I will write a tutorial on this tomorrow with all the settings and how I did it.
Might add some improvements as well, need to test them out first.

Very cool:) Can’t wait your tutorial on that!

Simple but cool; maybe a higher res wood texture. (or is only the defocus that let that seems like blurred?)
Thanks for the tutorial, as already said crumpled paper is really tricky to model.