You're worth it

Just wanted to spread some positivity and tell everyone that they are great at whatever they do and that you’re a great person.:yes:

Agreed. And neither you nor they need prove it.

You know the thing is that when people live with something for a while they get used to it and often begin to take it for granted. I think that people have lived around people their whole lives and they forget just how valuable a person really is. We look at computers, cars, space shuttles and all these wonderful technological marvels that we’ve created and they are awesome indeed, but all of those things pale in comparison to the person. None of those things are as capable or as versatile as a human being.

Many of those things cost billions, even trillions of dollars to the right buyer, but none of them are as capable or as versatile as you.

So go ahead and let the nay sayers nay as they say. For any who would have you believe your value any less than that of any other, any less than that of any thing is only fooling themselves.

Thanks for the compliment.We all love compliments.

Everyone , Prove to yourself, this is all that matters…

all else is sand in the hour glass falling away.

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