Youtube animation needed

Hello im TheCraftMine5 and im looking for a higher end, no template based animation. The music that will be used is KDrew - Circles (Original Mix)!
This will be a non paying job but i will link your youtube in my desc for my videos. If you are highly skilled at animation, graphics and design. Please notify me back. Thank you. <— my youtube.

So do you do minecraft videos or do you do other thing because you name makes me think minecraft.

Yes i do but i want the outro to not be game specific.

Yeah i do but i want the into to not be game based

What type of style of animation are you looking for. Some thing slow, fast, some what in be tween. Tell me what you looking for

In between i want to be able to catch the viewers attention and have them remember it. So i would say 10 seconds or under

So are you wanting a animation that is full of action, or funny also if you are puting music to it plz tell me what music it is. But I need more of what idea you have for it, or I’m taking a shot in the dark ok

Ok im wanting the animation to be mostly full of action, something where if you saw it you would keep watching the video, and im thinking of putting in music but i havent decided the song yet, most likely monstercat.

Piece of advice, if you want to get artists to reply to you, you need to be more specific. Just saying “I want an animation that’s cool and goes to some kind of music” isn’t enough. I’d recommend saying what exactly you want (eg. “I want a skeleton and Steve to get in a fight and then a creeper comes and blows them up, with x song by y band playing in the background.”) Then the artists know exactly what you want and they’re more likely to help you this way.

ok will do.

Ok the music is KDrew - Circles (Original Mix)