youtube animation render settings?

What are some good setting gs to render a video in blender for YouTube? Is a720 setting with more sampling and clamping better than a 1080 setting with less samples and clamping? What is the best video output for going to YouTube? MPG, avi, ogg, etc?

Personal preference here: Render out in HD (that is, 1080p) in AVI JPEG format. If you know what you’re doing, I suggest rendering out a .png set and then stitching them together with Blender’s video editor.

  					With that CPU , Windows 10, <i>and that resolution</i> 13 minutes  isn't all that bad in my mind. The vast majority of viewers will be on a  laptop so why not 720p. I sent my daughter two (2) stills which she  viewed on a Mac Pro and she couldn't see any difference. On a side note  you can't upload 1080p to 'Vimeo' for free. Not that a two second clip  is headed to ' Vimeo' anyway. 

I just posted this on another thread and haven’t changed my mind. Maybe if a 1080 card fell out of the sky but until then. Also H.264 has worked well for me. By the way if I read his reply right his time 13 minutes (1080p) went to 5 minutes (720p).

Thanks all. Ihll see about using. Avijpeg format. I am rendering at 720 hd and getting like 2 frames a minute. Imrender in gpu mode and have a 4gb nvidia fx 960 card. Would an amd 480 be faster?

I’m rendering on the CPU for a current project, Intel i7 - 6700, and consider one frame in five minutes a fast render.