Youtube Channel Art

I’m creating a piece of youtube channel art for a friend. I’m using the suggested pixel size and ect. But when I got to upload it, it cropped it up horrible. Is there any way to fix this?

Because the only way to fix it seems to cram it all into a tiny area. It took three hours to render at 10,000 samples (complex lighting issues) with resolution set to 2560x1440 (youtube suggested size). But like I said, it crops the entire photo down to nothing and I can’t fix it.

Any help is appreciated.

That’s the way it is. Only a tiny band in the center of the huge image is useful for a typical browser. The rest is for those who browse YouTube from their TV.

Full explanations that you must have missed:

Is there any way I could add some sort of template in blender I can overlay on my camera so I can tell where to place everything?

I’d rather not blindly guess where to place stuff.

Yes, you can! :wink:

I couldn’t think of an easy way to do it… until I remembered that you can have a background image visible only thru the camera.

So, just create a big fully transparent image of 2560x1440 with only a (rather thick) frame of 1546x423 in the center. That’s all you need.

The frame must be rather thick because most of the time, you see only a thumbnail thru the camera and thin lines become hard to see. That’s also why you’ll want a bright color or, at least, something that will contrast with the scene.

Activate the Background Images in the Properties Shelf (a.k.a. [N]-Panel on the right). Click the button to load your image. Select “Camera” as Axis and click the “Front” button. (That really should be automatic. Any way…) Et voilà! :smiley:

Perfect. Thank you for all the help. I found a (mostly) transparent image and I’ll hopefully be able to modify my logo to fit inside of it. Thanks once again.