Youtube channel intro

Hey everyone, I created this intro for my brothers new youtube channel. all comments are welcome.

If anyone cares here is the first montage that he did (just uploaded)

haha, nice, it looks great, and quickscopes can be pretty cool if done right ;D

People care, they just didnt know what to say :stuck_out_tongue:
next one you should do a bullet flying towards a head, then hitting it, and the blood that comes out says his youtube name! :smiley: just an idea :yes:

Cool modelling! Would you share your wireframes?

A background (even a glow or something like this) would make sense and maybe a shoot effect to increasingly add the name (bigger and more glow) would be great… (or one shoot and on the bullet flying out of the gun is written the name) - more thrill please! :evilgrin:

Thanks guys, here is a few wip pics and other renders…
no wireframe at the moment, I will upload that later if i remember

Here are the wires

Looks nice! In my opinion, it would be better if the gun turned towards the camera and there was a ‘flash’ and it moved into the video.