Youtube for coders?

Does anyone know if there’s a youtube like service that’s computer-oriented?

for wat purpose?

Oh, I was just hoping to find some good programming tutorials, like VB.Net, C/C++, Python, etc…

This thread should probably be deleted…:o

actually I would like to know if there is a irc chat place. I try googling irc chat community or something like that but I get irc in your applications. I support your answer laughing cheese and ask is there a chat irc thingy.

check out

Wow, that has a lot of videos, nice find! Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.

ShowMeDo is a great site :slight_smile: as for a shameless plugin is my channel with Php, Java and… random programming crap. Also any new tutorials I do wont be publish to youtube anymore but rather my own website ( ). But take it from me my Java tutorials suck, only good one I have for java is Swing GUI.

There are also other sites that horde programming tutorial from just about every video site out there to a centralize location, but nothing worth mentioning.