youtube needs to help the people that use it

some one hates me idk why a few months ago all my videos got 18 dislikes on one day and it happened to this one i uploaded not to long ago and someone made an account with my name in a different order i contacted you tube about this 4 times they still haven’t done anything about it :no:


Well, apparently you have managed to piss someone off. It happens, nothing to really worry about.

I believe you can block him somehow but it is not illegal to create a youtube account with a name similar to someone else, youtube won’t do anything about that.

all those comments i showed were all hate comments on stuff i commented on

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You didnt win, thats for sure. Loser. :confused:

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12-tear old doesnt know any shit about tech, piss off. Intel rules.

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I am icestrike100’s acquaintance and we do not like ur childish appearance on this part of YouTube. Get lost.

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Seriously I enjoy watching this, GO FUCK OFF idiot! Hit a wall or something. :wink:

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Shut up nigga! Bet u suck ur ginger jew “dad”'s cock everyday!

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lolz thats not a genius. fail/

and there are a few more and i did block him :confused: doesn’t do anything :no:

im just mad because all my videos have 20+ dislikes now lol it must have been the godfather or some one he has the whole mafia after me lol

Not all of your own comments are very nice either though

i share this account with my friend his name is matt hints the name DBMHTECH my names is derek barker and his name is matthew hoyle hes not a very nice person so he might have ticked some one off :confused: i guess im just going to make a new channel that one is ruined lol any ideas on a name i could use for the channel?

You didn’t win, thats for sure. Loser! :\

Haha, just kidding. I’ve never come across a problem like this. So I can’t really think of any advice for the situation. But the funny part is a few of us could like one of those posts and make it top comment! :wink:

lol that would be funny

heres the vid that had You didnt win, thats for sure. Loser. :/
btw i don’t remember commenting on this so it probably wasn’t me here is my new channel i left out the L and it wont let me change it :frowning:

sorry for so many posts in a row

Don’t let the trolls bug you. Changing accounts just sets you back. Believe it or not it makes your channel more interesting. All in all it blows up in their faces.:yes:

Yep, as soon as you make a new account for videos, the trolls have won there sad game. Screw this new channel your starting. Keep with the old one and just ignore the trolls. No point in trying to reason with them, so just ignore it. And you dont seem to be making a loving off of youtube videos, so whats the point in making a new one that will possibly get trolled eventually.