[YouTube] Paint MonaLisa in 80 milliseconds

Well the mythbuster guys build a huge Paintgunarray… :spin:

Well, I suppose a lot of hard work went into loading the paint in the correct order, but otherwise, it’s nothing special.;p

Slow motion was beautiful.

Yeah, gotta admit.

mythbusters aren´t famous for being special, rather than being… hmm. weired? extreme?
a handy pumpgun version would re-invent graffity. with loadable patterns ^^
design picture,get pendrive, load pattern to gun and go ahead shoot images at walls.

Da Vinci did a better job. But then ofcourse, he spent more then 80 milliseconds on it. It’s really nothing special what they did here.

But the slowmotion does look awesome.

It needs 32 bit depth JPG, GIF and PNG support (transparency and animations of course) and high speed 3G. Then, I could use it to tag BBB and blender logos all over and PO the local gangs. Of course, then it would be made redundant by the nextgen iphone, which will have the whole set up built-in. Prepare to have your house covered in mac logos from the fanboys.

Dude… we should TOTALLY do that in Blender…