YouTube problem...

I have a problem with youtube. Whenever I go fullscreen with a clip it goes half the framerate. Really annoying because I have bought new parts to the computer and the old system I had (amd xp 2800+, 1024 mb ddr, gf7600gs) had no problem with fullscreen mode.

My new computer is an amd 4000+ X2, 2 Gb ddr2 and gf7600gs. This system plays full hd clips without a problem. Rendertimes are like 3 times faster.

My system is WinXP. It’s the same xp that I had on my old computer. Didn’t reinstall it.

Does anyone have a problem with fullscreen mode in youtube?

My problem with YouTube is that it continually thrashes my hopes for humanity reading its comments…

But yes I get some slowdown with its fullscreen and never use it.

It’s the same xp that I had on my old computer. Didn’t reinstall it.

not good. reinstall windows for your new system.You will also need the proper drivers for your new hardware.

But everything else works great. I’ll probably reinstall windows and install ubunto 64bits. But still I think it’s strange.

Reinstalling windows is useless , use fullscreen , but lower the screen resoulotion to 800*600

It’s slow because the flash player doesn’t use any your graphic card’s hardware acceleration. If you try this new beta version at , this is one of the major new features they offer.

I do reccomend Ubuntu, but reinstalling an OS for Youtube just seems a bit crazy, doesn’t it? Secondly, if you do go to a 64 bit system, remember that Adobe doesn’t make a 64 bit flash player for any system, not even Windows. I’m on 64-bit Ubuntu so I reccomend nspluginwrapper as a workaround.

Reinstalling windows is useless , use fullscreen , but lower the screen resoulotion to 800*600

Shows how much he knows…
If he is running his old windows kernel, and his old drivers, could definitely be the problem.(it amazes me that it boots at all)
I also recommend windows X64 for the windows partition.64bit vista still needs some refinement , I would wait before trying this.
I recommend Sidux, or Ubuntu 64 for your linux partition. Sidux is a little easyer to use for installing hardware, Ubuntu has more software titles, and more support.

Ok. What computer specs do you need then to watch fullscreen in 1280x1024?

I’m almost 100% sure that it worked on my old computer without lag.

I installed the flash 9 beta and it uses 100% of both cpu’s and still the same problem but tad better…

I’m going mad. :spin:

You could always save the FLV file youtube uses from your tempory internet folder to a more accessible folder and then use a FLV player to veiw it at whatever resolution.

Videodownloader add on for firefox doesn’t seem to work with the new version of firefox. Used the website to download the flv files. Played in media player classic. It only used 1% of the cpu in fullscreen.

I think they could renew the technology for youtube playback. I really hate to go around to watch a clip in fullscreen with a troublesome procedure.

True, but youtube player does line up a list of videos you might like to watch afterwards, with little animations that are loaded ready to play whilst veiwing the main video, and the programming for the youtube player is designed to take up as little space as possible, so its pretty basic, but tries to do three things at once. Stop me if you think i’m talking a load of bull.

I run youtube videos fullscreen on my computer (AMD athlon 3000+, 1 GB ddr, gf6600) without any problem. And it works fine on my laptop which has ubuntu and less configuration than my PC as well. So I think that the problem lay among you’re hardware and not with the youtube site or whatever.

If you are up for downloding youtube videos and watching them, I recommend “Fast Video Download” addon for firefox than Videodownloader add on. It works fine even for the newest versions of Firefox.

Thank you for the information. Then it’s probably a driver issue.

Fast video Download works great. Thanks a lot.

TheAnimal: Why do they even bother to make the player as small as possible. You need broadband connection to view Youtube anyways.

Alright. Sorry for bringing up this old thread.

Problem solved. Installed the amd x2 hotfix and the amd optimizer from AMD’s homepage. Well that didn’t actually solve the problem. Installed the new Flash 9 Player Beta that supports multithread. Still didn’t work.

From this point I’m not sure what fixed the problem. I turned off the cool’n quiet in the bios and installed K-lite mega codec pach with all codecs installed. Now it all works fine.

I noticed that a while ago when I went fullscreen in youtube it would only fill up my browser (leaving the taskbar visible). But now it really goes fullscreen and when I click it it crashes, thus leaving me to close Opera with Task Manager…