Youtube search key "Siggraph 2019"

Youtube this year becomes a delicious meal of conferences at the search key “Siggraph 2019”

Good vision and have fun!

if anyone notices interesting and relevant topics from Siggraph 2019, do not hesitate to talk about it here …

Siggraph Asia 2019 was last week:

a few highlights for me:

Modeling Curved Folding with Freeform Deformations

A Multi-Scale Model for Coupling Strands with Shear-Dependent Liquid

A Thermomechanical Material Point Method for Baking and Cooking

Multi-Theme Generative Adversarial Terrain Amplification

Real-time Rendering of Layered Materials with Anisotropic Normal Distributions

Proactive Large-Scale Pipeline Efficiency Management

QuadMixer: Layout Preserving Blending of Quadrilateral Meshes

Mandoline: Robust Cut-Cell Generation for Arbitrary Triangle Meshes

Transport-Based Neural Style Transfer for Smoke Simulations

Rise of the market of digital human and virtual beings

Innovative technology for Virtual Idol and its exploration in commercialization

Faster RPNN: Rendering Clouds with Latent Space Light Probes

“Frozen 2” and the Past, Present, and Future of Tech at Disney Animation

TouchVR: a Wearable Haptic Interface for VR Aimed at Delivering Multi-modal Stimuli at the User’s Palm

Saliency Diagrams: A tool for analyzing animation through the relative importance of keyposes

Fast Terrain-Adaptive Motion Generation Using Deep Neural Networks

5G, Trillion-Dollar Opportunities and You

Multithreading in Pixar’s Animation Tools

Hope to find some stuff online!

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I wonder, would it be possible to implement something similar to the QuadMixer tool inside of Blender or as an addon?