YouTube Videos!

This just came into my head very quickly, and I hope this thread gets lot’s of replies, : ). Anyway, the point of this thread is just to simply post links or chat about your favorite YouTube videos or just some videos on YouTube that are interesting. I hope this will stur up some very interesting conversations and I hope that this becomes a fairly popular thread. So, go ahead and post links to YouTube videos that stand out to you, or even videos on your channel (if you have one). BTW, my YouTube channel is CheeseSample, : ).

I like this thread. Here are some cool videos that I have found:

Interesting Blender Games on Youtube:


  • News = includes current internet news and big buck bunny. (I find this funny because they think that Big Buck Bunny is the first Game ever created with blender) =P

Lol that’s too funny! “…We deeply regret that a backup of the internet does not exist at this time…we had always meant to get around to making one…” Lol!
Check out the first link in my sig…absolutely hilarious vids

Piotr, an awesome impressionist

Theremin music, including mario and zelda themes

Ronald Jenkees, plays some of the coolest music I’ve heard

Jonathan Coulton playing Re: Your Brains at PAX

I might post a few more links later.

What’s funny is that she seems to think that what she is talking about is actually happening…Its funny…especially some of the comments that people have posted.

I’m glad to see that this thread is becoming popular (sort of). I agree, sebbonaparte. I like YouTube, and I go on it a lot, usually more than BlenderArtists. I know what you mean. Most other YouTubers seem to have some sort of odd temper about fake videos. They cuss at people because a video has bad graphics, or they say “FAKE”, or “THAT’S BOOP FAKE BOOP”, when the title of the video is “Fake video”. And I really did like the Internet crash video, LOL. And that black hole video… how do we know it is safe?

My channel is here

A few of my favorite youtube videos:

Zelda: Heart for the Hero (very funny for Zelda fans)
The hubble ultra deep field image (most important picture in human history)

Where the hell is Matt?
Where the hell is Matt (2008)

Smosh food battle 2006
Smosh food battle 2007
Smosh food battle 2008

Anything else from Smosh

For the LHC black hole theory, just try looking up Hawking radiation. Basically any black holes created by the LHC would immediately collapse in on themselves. Nothing to worry about. Also the first major tests are going to be performed November 21st I believe. The funny thing is that so much information runs through the machine that it will probably be 3-4 years before we actually decipher anything from those tests. It takes a considerable amount of manpower to peruse all those files.

Sorry to derail, back to youtube videos :).

My favorite is
Animal Identification Mixup (hilarious)

i don’t know… the videos i watch are either too serious or too silly…

too serious
MIT lectures, like differential equations
NPTEL lectures, like computer graphics
Google lectures, like photo technology overview

too silly (usually internet memes)

i also like to watch ancient games to remember the good times (also for inspiration)
Final Fantasy 8

I like volvic commercial parodies like this one. And this one.


I don’t get why people think chopping up something and then repeating it endlessly is funny. Is it supposed to be? Am I missing something?

I can see why people like this:
and it’s sequel:

And I really enjoy ZeroPunctuation. But just repeating crap… it makes me worry about people sometimes.

haha, thanks for telling everyone the whats really going on kiren XD

a good one from the onion - freaking hilarious.

i gotta say, i got addicted to this video Maurice Raybaud posted earlier

now i can’t get the music and the video off of my head. thanks Maurice

/me gets murderous thoughts

My 18mo son likes to watch:

Further the Vadrum movies are popular with him too:

/Nathan << blender2.5 screencasts!

In this video, he must have steel eardrums! His sound system hits 165 DB’s! (120 DB’s is as loud as a rock concert, and every 6 DB’s is about DOUBLE increase in loudness)!

My Channel

I love this Hang Drum solo

The Vader Sessions!

Darth Vader feels Blue