YouTube Videos!

The video’s made by Pleix, I’ve posted about them before. They make awesome stuff. You can find more here

Enjoy :smiley:

This channel will keep you entertained for hours!


yes it is nice thread But I can’t read all the reply’s here.
If i come to add the videos I like on youtube, BA host my overload!
why not, I’ll take the time to see some video here…

You’re welcome.

That was pretty random, LOL. To describe the video: huh?!? Haha.

List of my favourites:


If you haven’t seen this, it’s pretty awesome. It’s basically Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody played by the operating sounds of really old computers. Really well done.

Some of my favs: - A music video with pixel-art animation for a japanese heavy metal song about how insanely difficulty Megaman is. It combines like 5 of my favorite things… The first time I saw it I nearly climaxed.

Part one -
Part two -
It’s a sort of parody film made with a really old app called “Stunt Island”. I think I’ve seen the link posted somewhere on BA before in some ancient thread, but I still watch it occasionally. I love the way it looks. Some of the first real ‘machinema’ to exist. - comedy short 3D animation thing. It reminds me of these forums a little bit. Sometimes. Watch it through the credits… - I will pay someone to give me a remix of the part that starts at about 25 seconds into this video. I’m completely serious. I’ve tried myself, but I’m no good with long samples like that. Someone do it. Please… - Disney’s “Little Match Girl”. It was originally supposed to be one of the shorts for the Fantasia 2000 film. I guess they thought it was too dark or something. I dunno. It ranks up there with the best Disney has ever done, in my opinion. Totally deserves to be seen and known more than it is.

You can get it on the Platinum Edition DVD for Little Mermaid, and I bought that disc JUST for this short. (edit - According to the guy who put it on youtube, you can get this short on just the regular DVD edition, but I don’t think that’s the case. There’s a 2 and a three disc version, and as far as I know it’s just one the three disc one. In case you decide to actually buy it… wouldn’t want you to waste $50 or however much Disney’s selling their DVD’s for now… overpriced rasafraggin low down varmints. )

That’s it for now :smiley:

YouTube is encoding and displaying higher quality videos.

Here is a Blender animation

my favorite favorites:

and i also loooooooooove the chad vader series: (first episode)

o, and monty python is great too!
my favorites:

(yes, i spend a lot of time on youtube;))

Since we’re posting youtube stuff…

1.Step on your sister’s foot
2.Turn around three times
3.Count to negative four
4.Post this on 10 other threads
5.Look at your reflection in the toilet!!!

seriously though… my favorites are:
The old canadian classic, the cat came backSpongebob sickpants
Weird Al as Rambo
Conan the librarianGhandi 2
Grand theft auto + mario (robot chicken)