youtube .vlf videos

How do I get to view the youtube videos, once downloaded with Youtube Grabber. They are in Flash format (vlf), so now what?:eyebrowlift2:

I think you mean .flv format :wink:

I have found that Super© does a grand job of converting .flv files into whatever format you desire.

Download Link:

vlc plays them.

have fun =]

Cool, thanks :slight_smile:

anyone know how to use vlc player to convert them?
i’ve followed some instructions somewhere, but the output file is always screwed up.

To convert FLV to an AVI (or the other way around) file you can just use Riva FLV Encoder. Just change the output file extension to .avi, click FLV Encode and that’s it!

You can also play them in MPlayer (if your a windows user you’ll probably want to try other player based on mplayer).

This works ok as a standalone player:

It is very light on resources and runs well.