Youtubers who edit their videos with Blender ?

(ChameleonScales) #1

Do you know some good youtubers (hopefuly who make a living of it) who use Blender’s VSE for all their video editing ?
I’m talking about real footage and possible mix with VFX but not pure CGI animation.

For example I wonder what they use at Corridor Digital for video editing.
I know Captain Disillusion uses Blender only for the 3D effects and uses After Effects and probably Premiere Pro for the rest.

(rtownsend) #2

Here’s a tutorial playlist and addon link:

(ChameleonScales) #3

That wasn’t my question. I was just asking if you know some youtubers who use Blender’s VSE for their video editing.

(Pitiwazou) #4

I tried but the compression in mp4 is way too slow on Blender.
Maybe it’s faster now, have to try.

(cekuhnen) #5

Here and there I always play with VSE but often I rather use a more mature video app like ShotCut or Screenflow for making screencasts for youtube.

Other question - why do you ask - or what do you want to do with the VSE?

(rtownsend) #6

Yes. That guy. He even wrote an addon that he uses to improve the experience, and created a tutorial playlist on how to use it.

Good Luck.

(ChameleonScales) #7

rtownsend and who’s “that guy” ?

(rtownsend) #8

GDquest - youtuber posted above.

(bnzs) #9

I tried but the compression in mp4 is way too slow on Blender.

(ChameleonScales) #10

Ok sorry I meant Youtuber in the sense of entertainer (like those 2 I mentioned in my first post), not tutorial makers.

(rawalanche) #11

I doubt you will find any. Even 0$ price tag of Blender is not enough to justify how inferior is it as a tool used solely for video editing. The workflow of dedicated video editors, such as Premiere, Vegas Pro, or Resolve (which comes with same price tag as Blender) is just miles ahead of Blender.

On top of that, Blender first needs to be customized to serve at least reasonably as a video editor, and customization of Blender is quite difficult given how current UI handles it. It will work for a Blender user, but it will not work for a newbie looking specifically for a video editor. The customization of Blender itself has at least 2 days of learning curve for those with no prior experience (for example having to manually click save preferences button or they get lost). That’s not something a YouTuber wanting to edit videos will every want to put up with.

If you open Adobe Premiere in comparison, as soon as you double click a desktop shortcut, you are pretty much ready to start video editing, even without any prior experience.

With these factors in mind, I am confident that pretty much 100% of people will not choose Blender discretely as a video editor. Only people who would are those, who use Blender for other tasks and are happy to have video editing capabilities packed in the same package. But no one will voluntarily make their lives that much more difficult, when it comes to video editing.

If you find even only one person, I will be perplexed.

(ChameleonScales) #12


I hope there are at least a few out there.

(Richard Marklew) #13

Why ? There are much better alternatives available (that means almost any alternative)

(juang3d) #14

Well, Iñm by no means a big or even medium youtuber, and I do small editing on my vids, but I use Blender for that, Premiere is pretty much a box of problems, I don´t use vegas, I have no license, and for big projects we use DaVinci but it´s pro workflow to handle footage, while awesome for medium and big projects, it´s a bit over-complex for small things, and Blender is great for that :slight_smile:

I hope this cheers you up you up a bit ChameleonScales :slight_smile:


(terryna) #15

subscribed, this seems like a very interesting thread

(BigBlend) #16

Why is this not defacto in Blender? This would actually make Blender VSE export usable.

EDIT: WARNING. Depending where you save the file it will ERASE every file in that folder. Luckely it was just my download folder.

(Unreal3DFX) #17

Shotcut is way to go with extended features and Avidemux is suitable for simple things.

(TiborNyers_BC) #18

I use Blender for video editing - BoostClock
I wanted to use python scripting to automate video creation and Blender seemed like a great tool for that. The biggest downside is speed - I use lot of masks and transparent overlays and rendering the video is very slow.

(rouhol9ods) #19

Hi every one,
I’m using Blender VSE only (No 3d skills yet) to create free educational video resources for kids, like this one:
Before I was using OpenShot, but it is not suitable for video projects larger than 5 minutes (Slower and RAM consuming for projects longer than 7 - 10 mintutes)

Now i’m looking for a way to script my educational videos with Python and the Blender API
I’m looking for a way to automate:
1- Moving Strips
2- Duplicating Strips
3- Selecting Strips by names (no mouse clicks are wanted to make a strip active)
Thank you all. I’m not making a livigin with my youtube channel till now, but i’m working hard on it. and I’m a Free Software veteran; So I’ll never use privative software

I wish you all the best!

(runleveltwo) #20

Blender VSE is my weapon of choice when it comes to video editing. I am a Linux user (Manjaro on iMac). Have used Kdenlive before, didn’t like the interface. Also tried Openshot, Flowblade. They crashed on me too often, and/or didn’t offer the functionality I needed. Blender VSE is like a Swiss army knife. Plus the interface is top of the bill, once you get the hang of it. The only downsize is the slow rendering. But I’m never in a hurry.