Youtube's new update

Most of you guys use youtube right? What do ya’ll think of this forced google+ bullshit? I’m brainstorming a new animated music video entitled “Google Suck on these Balls”, and have all kinds of balls through the video rolling around and bouncing (basket balls, soccer balls, etc) I’d like to make it more accurate to my feelings, but you just get ur stuff taken down when you go out in like that. I’m workin on lyrics now.

All I got so far is the title which would probably be the chorus too. Needs lines about no one wanting to use that floppy broke ass google+, stuff about their monopoly over several aspects of the internet, and some stuff about how they don’t give one single shit what the users want or think.

Hurry and give your thoughts on the subject before the forum thought police come and remove this thread.

I don’t like it very much either. I had a youtube account for a while, but hadn’t used it for a bit. Then when I logged on it forced a google+ account on me. And I still hate it. :frowning:
Good luck with the animation!

Yeah I figure nuts are just as easy to animate as balls. =)

Like a hate video is going to get Google to change their mind, I think one should rather try to formulate a large group of people to write a formal request to the Googleplex (their HQ) on why they don’t like the changes and why they will no longer use YouTube in favor of starting up a new video site free of Google’s influence.

You seem to have gotten big on wanting to produce content devoted to trashing companies as of late (like that idea you had with trashing the commercial 3D software on Blender’s website backed by nothing but blind hate). I really don’t think it’s a surefire way to get them to change the practices you find abhorrent.

Ace that is a very nice fantasy. But the second largest video hosting site on the internet Vimeo only gets 8% as much traffic as youtube. You would need millions of ppl to leave youtube. That’s just not going to happen. If a video goes viral, it can make some srs waves. Really though I’m just in touch with what ppl like. People would LOVE this. No one like Google+. So now Google forces it on ppl. You wait and see it will be one of the biggest social sites online in a couple years. Not because anyone likes it, but because they can’t function online without it. Today it’s youtube tomorrow its google search, adsense. Then you look up and it is a law that we all identify ourselves to get online.

This is why monopolies are illegal. No one can compete with a monopoly.

Yahoo, Bing, and Duck Duck Go also have search services (the last one actually being the default in some Linux distros and favored in some FOSS circles), so there is some choice out there. I also don’t recall Google ever trying to buy out the competition, just that they were able to develop the best search algorithm for the web.

There’s also numerous video hosting websites that are a bit smaller, but alternatives nonetheless, so trashing Google on the assumption that the vast majority of people are too dumb to ever consider alternative sites is somewhat shaky at best.

A monkey on cocaine talks to a joyful dragon. What a story I can write!

They all use Yahoo’s databases. I am pretty sure even Google does.

Google just rubs me the wrong way. I can hardly blame them for taking advantage the way they have of ppl’s ignorance of free markets. Stupid ppl practically beg to be got. Why would

What competition? You need to look up some stats on Google. If google unlists you, it is practically a death sentence online. Google owns the internet. So what if there are other search engines? No one uses those so they have no power. Sites make money from google adsense I don’t even know of another ad service online other than them. I guess there probably is one, but none as large as google. I’m not going to waste my time uploading to another video site. I make videos because I like doing it, but I also get paid for views. I don’t think I can do that on any other site.

Anyway I don’t want to get into a deep market argument. I find that very few ppl have any understanding of the subject, but everyone is willing to argue as if they do. I have learned that ppl are never turned by a good argument. They have to feel like they came to the knowledge and understanding all on their own or they’ll never accept it. Doesn’t matter how much proof you stack in front of them. In fact the more you prove it the less they believe it.

…I have learned that ppl are never turned by a good argument. They have to feel like they came to the knowledge and understanding all on their own or they’ll never accept it. Doesn’t matter how much proof you stack in front of them. In fact the more you prove it the less they believe it.

A wealthy old pop philosopher once said, “A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.” The actual case is more like “A man believes what he needs to believe and disregards the rest.” But that probably also applies to monkeys, dragons and senile old gizzards as well.

Even so, such disagreements are irreconcilable because they arise from disagreements at much deeper levels. A constructive conversation would probably need to begin by looking at differences in underlying epistemologies and fundamental premises/beliefs.

Personally I think I’ll just flick my bic for Vimeo, it’s young folks who want to rage against the dying of the light … or pretend it never does extinguish.

This is for mad monkey

Fools talks - a wise man speaks.

If you don’t make dust, you eat dust.

Aim for the moon, if you miss, you may land on a star.

Or maybe it’s due to the fact that I and a lot of others are not readily swayed by random people posting videos and articles because they claim to be ‘expert on the situation’ or have the ‘information that others don’t want you to know’.

The way I see it, this is the Bao2 way of doing research and not the way used by those wanting to really get into understanding how the market works and how businesses function. Google owns the internet, do you really believe that Google can just hit the off switch and kill the world wide web just because something might not go their way? Also, I’m pretty sure Google stores their own databases in many large server facilities around the world, why would they try to use the database of one of their top competitors?

Yahoo is the largest site indexer in the world. that is why Google uses them. Look up statistics on the amount of internet traffic occurs online and how much of that traffic is through Google servers and to google sites. If Google so chose they could srsly upset the internet. I doubt anyone or anything could destroy it totally. As long as there are ppl around that wish to communicate there will be an internet of some fashion.

Do you know what a Monopoly is? I’m not trying to be a smart ass. I have found that a lot of things I always assumed I knew were in fact wrong. No idea if this applies to you Ace. Probably not. But if you look up the definition of monopoly and read it as if you had never heard of the term, you may be surprised by how many instances of them you see in our modern world. It is foolish to think that these monopolies aren’t using their advantages to affect markets in their favor.

my thoughts exactly