You've been using Blender for too long when...

when you use the text window for a word proccesser

when you try to select things on youre desktop by right-clicking

When you can remember the last fifteen or so “You know you’ve been using blender too long when…” posts.

-You avoid going to picturistique mountain areas because you know it’ll take too long to render

-you work for a construction company and you use the decimator on the building to lower it’s size

-you avoid anything big to avoid crashing the program.

-you have a hairdo that has 3 things sticking out of it like the blender logo

-you have a life size stature of Ton Rosandaal(spelling)

-you go to other forums just to talk about blender

When you’re trying to make a window or somethign smaller, your insticts are to press a then s and you start moving the mouse only to realize nothing happened.

When you use words like scale and extrude in everyday life when you’re not really supposed to.

When you press ctrl + w to save in microsoft word and it closed the program instead of saving it.

When you stare at random objects in your home and think, “The specularity just doesn’t seem right there…”

When you are dissapointed that you can’t see the wireframe of that car you’re thinking about buying.

When you keep reloading your information, only to realize later that other programs do have a global undo.

When you’re impressed with the caustics your glass of water is able to create.

-you use CG terms on everything
-you turn off the lights in your home by accessing the lamp settings and taking them down to zero.
-you buy a small house and turn off GI because it’s too small to handle it
-your zero’s in math class and O’s in spelling look like blender logos
-you stare at things wondering how it was UV mapped
-you’re suspicious when you see clothes because blender doesn’t yet have cloth dynamics and thinking someone who uses Maya came in.

Kansas_15: I thought the idea of this thread was to talk about things that happened for real


Do a lot of the other things in the topic look real to you, like wireframe of the car?

You realise you just aren’t complete without a python.

When you think a new theme is a finished project.

You look around you think “Man, the graphic designer who made the planet was GOOD!”

You start examining things closely to find polygons

You start using Blender terms in conversations

You look at other 3D programs and ask a million questioins about it so you can prove Blender is better

You start painting good 3D stuff in MS paint on computers that don’t have Blender on them

You start drawing the Blender symbol on your schoolwork and then snap out of it and say “Oh! Yeah…”. Then you sigh and do the work

There are many more things I could put here but I’m too lazy to do it.

When you try to outline the wireframe of every god damned thing you see in your head, trying to maintain proper face loops.

When you walk up to people on the street, grab their arm and start moving it around, telling them, “Hey, this is a nice rigging job you’ve got here.”

When you don’t get your god damned paper done on time because you’ve been hanging out on Elysiun for too long. (But maybe that doesn’t have to do with length of time since I’ve been using blender as much as it does me having ADD.)

When your girlfriend yells at you, “Yes, goddammit, I heard you the last hundred times you whined that you’ll never be as good of an artist as @ndy!”

i often press shift when i want to change a filename. also i sometimes press F12 when i want to print something. and i often want to select things with my right mousebutton.

cant think of more but that will come i think.

When the wireframes get blurry and you don’t see a logical view trough all the wireframes. :smiley:

when drawing in real life you start using Blender scaling techniques to get your line work.

(for real)

to trace somthing from paper to card, i will line up the pen/pencil with a point on the drawing, then i will turn over the point keeping my head and hand in the perfect place, i will then move my hand towards the paper in a direct line from my eye, untill it hits the paper, at which point i will draw a dot, continue and then fill in the lines.

basicly, the same as in blender.

eye= camera
select camera, cursor to selected, then scale from cursor… LOL

rather funny. especially since i got that technique from blender.

(p.s. my one is actually usefull)
you can trace 3d objects this way too. such as hands and things about that big.


When you get sick of it … like me … I haven’t touched it in 1 month now …
I got sick of it after spending a whole day trying to get an AI file imported correctly into it … that really did it for me … in the end I had to work around through wings … that was bumm-stuff…


~When you start pressing [shift]-[backspace] to clear text boxes

~When you try to change the time ipo settings of your tv while watching a football game

~When you try to change the reflective qualities of your car paint job by increasing the spec, hard, and raymir settings

~When you press Z on a shopping cart to see it when its not in wire frame.

~When you [set doubl-sided] on a black piece of paper to get your texture to show right

~When you parent your bike to the sidewalk curve so it will follow the track

(i know they were terrible)


Although I hardly have time to use Blender lately (and i burst into tears about that and the fact that I can’t join the conference this year) I find myself everyday trying to move stuff on the screen by pressing Shift+MMB.

I once tried to delete something by clicking X (the way blender does it) :stuck_out_tongue:

True story.

I do those!