You've got to see this!

Hey guys check this out, I just bursted mad laughing when I saw it:

Heh, heh.

I think I may get that.

Yeah I’ve seen this and other versions. but where is an actual gameplay clip? That may be what I need to convince me to consider getting this game.

It’s a shame that they’ve ruined what used to be a great series… Rayman 2 was their peak. This looks just plain stupid.

But anyway, the video was hilarious :smiley:

I also have the in game video my friend sent me, it looks very chaotic like a lot of things happening when you’re playing.

ruined something good?

what are you talking about? This pure fun crazy game genius. I love it and think I’ll be getting it.

I agree with Alden, the game has changed A LOT from the original 2d platform game I played as a kid on windows95. I remember the “educational versions” where you had to answer questions to take the right path. Rayman 2 was a fun game, I enjoyed Rayman 3 a lot though.
I actually find this change good. I love new ideas and change over time of a series. The rayman serie has evolved in an interesting, if not totally wacky, way and draws old fans and newer people who never played the series. This makes me want to play it again. On the other hand, take the Splinter Cell series, I loved the first game, the second one was alright but I didnt buy the third one as it was still basically the same thing over and over and it took this gloomy turn of events.
But this rayman is one of pure nonsense and it really sticks out from the crowd of the games out there :smiley: I might get my hands on it too for the fun of it

The more recent stuff here:

  • is actual gameplay… I am debating over getting this. I have to keep telling myself “Zelda First, Zelda First, Zelda First…”

Hold on Tight,

That game looks great. if i am lucky enough to find a wii, i will definately give that one a shot.