Yr 10 Graphics Assignment (Catapult)

This gave me perfect marks. Enjoy!
The images are huge so they wouldn’t pixleise when printed.
And the video using vector blur: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TT7dGul81Tk

I have tried to watch the video, but youtube says that it is not yet available. :wink: So I assume you just have posted this one.

Congrats on your perfect mark! I like how you did that chart. Very simple and clean. :slight_smile: No wonder why you got a perfect mark.

yeah, bump the thread whenever the video is available. good job.

The video is now available. I just checked. :slight_smile:

Nice job to it. :slight_smile: I’d like to see more textures and stuff, but hey that’s just me! :smiley: Keep it up!

I made the entire thing in about 1 hour then did the renders at school. Everyone was like:eek: and I was like:cool: then the people that tried so hard was like :mad: and my teacher was like:D.

One again, Blender whoops turbo cad 9. I use blender for everthing, even the drawings, I just use the toon shader. Wheres a good place to showcase all the thing I made? I’ve hade quite alot.

And I’m like :eek: and :wink:

Looks neat, lol not suprised you got perfect marks

Hmm, no textures, but good animation. I especially like the bucket straps. Congratulations on the good grade!