Yu ( chinese girl).

I leave my other WIPs for some time ( “Tobey/Peter” is saving the world and “Oldman” is still sleeping :stuck_out_tongue: ) . As I’ve been working on male characters for a long time, I wanted to start working on female characters again.
Here she is so far:

female? hmm kinda looks male to me /shrugs

looks like she needs a little softening, but has potential

here’s a chinese woman’s head that I modelled some time ago… it’s toon-shaded, and by no means is it great work, but maybe it’ll give you some ideas to soften up your character’s features.


I think this a great start. You have the structure down correctly, now all you need to do is tweak what you already have to give this more character. What might be helpful at this point is to look at more references for Chinese female faces and re-evaluate the proportions of the features. Here are some useful links:



The first link has thousands of photographs under various galleries and sub-galleries, so take your time with that one.

Best of luck, and looking forward to updates.


Thank you for your help Samir!!
The websites look really interesting ( clothes, head, proportions,etc…).

Yeah, Samir has great advice… I used a real-life model as the basis of the head that I did.


Never had the time to get it quite right, but you can see that, despite the flaws, the facial structure in the cg is getting in the same ballbark as the real thing.

photo-reference is invaluable[/img]

You messed up with the link. I fixed it:


lol … admit it! you think she’s cute so you just wanted to see her twice. :wink:

No, the link was messed up!

i’m only joking… it was broken, but i must have been fixing the link while you were posting the first time.

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Here are some updates. I’m now working on hands and feet. I modified the chin, jaw, cheekbones( move up), neck ( it was too wide).

I hope you will like %| !

I’m sorry but there will not be any updates before 1 month

I wouldn’t say that face is done yet, but it’s definitely an improvement and a step in the right direction. Good work on the clothing too.

Keep going. I’m looking forward to seeing this thread pop-up out of nowhere in a month’s time. :wink:


/me looks up.
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