Yung's Art Dump.

Been learning and using the new Blender 2.6 for some time now, and I though I should post some of my art tests and WIP here for critiques and comments. Can’t wait for Bmesh’s integration. All work done with Blender, with help from Zbrush for sculpting.

Thanks for taking a look!

Wow impressive modeling and render.

Hi Tairony, thanks for the kind words!

I am currently joining Mixamo’s modeling competition, and here’s my entry for their Vanguard theme. I recently completed Mass Effect, so I am definitely going for a Mass Effect feel.

Comments and critiques are much welcome.

nice modeling :slight_smile: Keep it up, and rig them to make them more lively :wink:

Happy Blending :slight_smile:

Thanks, JeannotLandry! Here’s the final model I submitted for the competition.

Applaud. Fantastic model and textures.

great stuff, man. good luck in the competition.

Wow! That’s really nice. Is that entirely Blender?

Steve S

Hi guys, though I should update this thread.

Been working on this soldier with a concept artist friend and animator. Modeled in blender, sculpted in zbrush.

C&C much appreciated. Thanks!

great detail. I think his ‘bump’ should be a little larger

Yes, now that you mentioned his bump, it’s too short! I’ll fix that ASAP. Thanks!

Minor update.

Progress of the space soldier. Any comments and critiques are very much welcomed.
Thanks for taking a look.

Highpoly for soldier is done. Working on lowpoly and making him a gun.

Modeled with blender and sculpted in Zbrush.

Thanks for taking a look.!

Had some fun with Mixamo’s autorig and motion clip!

Finished texturing! Will upload a turntable soon. Cheers!


Impressive stuff. Your soldiers look awesome!

Great work!

@cont_mike & charles.l