YURE Driver [Setup Spring Driver]

Setup Spring Driver

Set up a driver that moves late using the rotation value of the parent bone.
You can spring all child bones by just setting a keyframe on the parent.



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Set up a driver that moves late using the rotation value of the parent bone.
You can shake all the child bones by just setting the keyframe on the parent.


YURE Driver_ver1-1-0_menu

  • Use variable properties
    • Use object properties
    • You can adjust the value in real time and use keyframes for shaking
    • You must select the bone and run it again to update the enabled state
    • Disable recommended if you want to adjust the value for each bone
  • Transform type
  • Axis

If you create a driver with the transform type “location”, you can follow the movement with a delay.


  • 3D view> Sidebar (N)> Addons> “YURE Driver”

List of active bone drivers is possible.

Exporting and rendering animation

If you want to export or render the created shaking movement as data, bake the animation.

When exporting as FBX, you can also use the export operator’s animation bake option.

  1. Put bones in Pose mode
  2. Move to a frame where the bones are not affected by spring
  • Mute all drivers set in the add-on
  • Pause > Clear Transform > All
  • Enable the driver again
  1. Pose > Animation > Bake Action…
  • Enable " Visual Keying " and perform a bake
  1. Mute all drivers set in the add-on
  2. Run animation rendering


This add-on was inspired by the video below.

【Blender 2.8】Driverを使った、揺れ物の自動化方法について(データ配布有り) ~ With data distribution ~ - YouTube


ver1.2.0 Added target options for spring scale, whip scale, etc.


Add target option

The settings targeted by the driver can now be adjusted.

  • Bone target
    • Parent bone
      • Target the parent bone of each bone. Not set for parentless bones
    • Active bone
      • Target the active bone. Not set to active bone
    • Other
      • Freely specify other objects and bones
  • Transform type
  • Coordinate space
  • axis

Added option to scale like a spring

Like a spring, it changes scale as it follows later.
By default, the position is reflected on the scale and it moves like a spring.

Added option to scale like a whip

Change the scale like a growing whip.
By default, the rotation is reflected on the scale and it moves like a whip.
The structure is the same as rotating the object of the’spring scale’.

Improved mute / delete function

  • Added support for multiple objects
  • Executed while pressing alt to target all drivers
  • Fixed an issue where the driver for another bone would be removed if the name of the active bone was contained in another bone

Other bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a driver with a different bone would appear in the driver list
  • Changed the main operator name
    • If you added a shortcut in a previous version, you will need to reconfigure it.


  • Classified menu items
  • Split the add-on file into a multi-file structure
  • Added attenuation track constraint setting button
    • If you set a damping track for the bone with the rotation driver set for the bone with the position driver set, you can change the rotation just by moving the position.

Other videos

The menu is slightly different because it is a video at the time of development.


Hey! Really useful addon, and nice to see it being worked on!

I just wanted to let people here know, that if you happen to encounter a random crash, and happen to use NodeCustomBuilder, it’s caused by that. Disable NodeCustomBuilder for time being.

Edit: Something is causing a crash beyond that. Prolonged simulations while tweaking values causes a EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION in Blender.exe module. Overloaded? Might be my side, but letting know here.

ver1.2.1 Small Bug Fixed

Fixed the problem that the mute switching function of the driver does not work properly.