it’s a starswars’ ship



Very nice. But why there aren’t stars???
Aniway it’s fantastic!

That rocks.

The yellow light and the way the camera makes it look elongated give this a very particular mood.

Love it.

There are, but they are really faint.

That is amazing detail! The texturing is also very well done! The only thing it seems to be missing is a dirt map, just for a little rust or whatever.


very nice, although you might want to check on your R5 unit, he looks a little pale, motion sick maybe :wink:


needs a better dirt/damage map, but the modelling is superb, with plenty of great nurnies.

Beautiful model, the scale looks right, is this due to shadows or camera perspective?

I thought I saw stars … but it was dust on my monitor.

continues c’est du bon boulot :slight_smile:

just saying it was a good work there !!!

very nice. the engines could be a little longer. N E way very nice

Very well modeled and textured. Great job on everything