Z axis changed direction, scene mirrored along x an y axis.

Dear all,

I got a problem with my scene in Blender 2.65. I don’t know what I did wrong, but my z axis arrow in the scene looks suddenly in the opposite way than the on in the bottom left corner (both 3d view). This is not the only issue, the whole scene is mirrored along the x and y axis (which I guess is related to the z axis issue). Any idea how I can solve this?

Thank you in advance!!

There are many orientations you can use when you work with your objects. What you see in the bottom left corner is the global axis, but the orientation you see on the 3D view header is what you use when manipulating your objects.
When you have the manipulator widget visible, it uses that chosen orientation.

Can’t be sure what’s going on without seeing your scene (use pasteall.org to upload code/images/.blend and share the link) but perhaps you need to apply the rotation for the objects that are mirrored incorrectly. In object mode, ctrl+a -> rotation to apply it. Might as well apply the scale because in many cases it’s important to have it set to 1.

I think its not only that. At the same time, the zoom in using the mouse wheel stoped workung (but not the zoom out, strange). Aditionally I dont understand why my objects shoud mirror at z axis from one moment to the next. I am shure that this wasnt the case at the beginning. I am modelling an existing room and my model is now side-inverted.

Sounds like you might have operating system, driver or hardware issues. Can’t really help out much with those but in that case, perhaps post to technical support section if you have questions. I have hardware problems myself and can’t do much blending because of that. It does suck.

In any case, a picture of the problem always helps. As does any information you can give out.