Z axis in the Y axis..why?

Why is the z-depth axis on the y axis in blender…Im just curious cuz when i try to extrude along a specific axis every time i z expecting it to go in the same z direction it is in evry other program…

blenders tools are blenders tools. They are not wings tools, or #DSmax tools. If you want to extrude along a constrained axis, extrude, and then press the middle mouse button when you go to position the new vertices for constrained grabbing. Also, please be more descriptive in your thread titles. ‘why’ does not give us much information regarding the thread content.

sorry but i find simple thread headers attracts more viewers curiosity as opposed to brushing off the question…i understand blender has its own tolls and work flow…but this is about the very basic level of geometry…xasis is usually horizontl and y axis is verticla and the zed axis is the depth axis…I thawt Netherlands uses a different geoaxis system…I was just curious is all its not really a complaint…

It really depends on how you look at it, but in 3D geometry, especially in physics, X o Y is the ground plane and Z points up.


edge wrote

but i find simple thread headers attracts more viewers curiosity

that may be, but it’s not very helpful for persons doing a search, and besides, in the sticky thread at the top of this forum, it specifically asks that people be descriptive in their thread titles,…so, regardless, please try to be more descriptive next time.

This was the subject of one of my first posts to these forums.

At first I was ready to throw in the towel, but after about an hour or two I hardly noticed it anymore; you’ll get used to it. :slight_smile:

zbgump has it right in the post he referred you to.
Blender uses a ‘right-handed coordinate’ system.

Blender’s axis system is the standard for ‘real’ systems (physics, mechanics, electrical systems, etc.)

Maybe you should ask the other program forums what is the basis for their coordinate systems?

ahhh!!_physics coordinates…Okay thank you…I never took a lick of physics //im all about the art, but the right side of my brain is all mush:) yeah and i appologixe i wasnt even thinking of the search option…is it possible to edit the header?? ill check…

yes, if you edit your first post, you can change the header.