Z-Axis rotation in game engine

I need to know how to reset the rotation aling the Z-Axis in the game engine. setOrientation is not what I am looking for. I don’t want to change what way my object is pointing, just the roll.



I can see no reason why you would need to, but setOrientation would be how you do it unless you want something else you don’t explain…

I am making a dolphin adventure game. I have the mouse rotating the dolphin. When I rotate the dolphin down, than left or right, it is rolled funny. If I can figure out how to set the Z-rotation, I can keep the dolphin upside right, but still have it be able to pitch up and down.


anybody? %|

yeah, use only one mouse script


trying to cancel out the zrotation isn’t something you need to do if you simply don’t introduce it

Thanks for the script! I’m reading it now, and I am going to write my own. That is just what I wanted. So I guess my way was just imposiable.