z brush 3.5 hard surfaces with blender flatten and layer brush?

just a think,
see the youtube video at hard surface tool for z brush

I think it is possible with blender sculpting if the layer brush have a constant flatten brush + layer brush . So if you click on the surface and the layer don’t follow the surface curvature just flattening it than we have very same as hard surface tool.


The first picture is a simple layer brush and the second is layer brush and than make it flatten … but the result is not exact flattening of course.

some other idea would be cool if with smooth stroke have straight line if i hold down shift key.

Other question , can i use blender sculpt tool with tablet pen with support angular offset feature?

ok maybe I was not so clear :slight_smile:
If we have a new brush that works layered+flatten brush together, than we have a hard surface tool.