z-brush style painting

so im trying to paint this model in texture painting mode(2.5 alpha2) and getting horrible results,
i thought with all the brushes n stuff it would be more like z-brush…where u take the brush (alpha)n paint away(and the texture appears wherever u paint),however the blenders mode is more like mapping the brush texture on the model n displaying it wherever the brush stroke is applied…resulting in the tiles of the selected image…i read someone else talking about a similar image stamping brush…i also understand it might take a while to implement it…
so i have a question…is it possible to make the textures’ tiling overlap?
im not a coder but im assuming someone here might be able to try this one out ?
this could make the brush strokes apparently stamp the image very close to the brush position…it could be so close that it feels like painting the textures similar to z-brush