Z-buffer Compositing

Hello all,

Im new here and am a very big noob with Blender.
My company is looking at it as a nice (ie FREE!) modeling and animation package (which it is!) and Im slowly learnign the ropes.

I am familiar with other 3D Suites (Poser, Rhino, MAX, some Lightwave, etc.) and I an expereienced World Construction Set user.

My question in this forum concerns WCS and Blender. Working as a team.

WCS (the older version that I and a few others still have) supports z-buffer data which is used by a compisiting plugin in “high end” suites to composite 3D models in the suite with a WCS rendered environment (see my link below–pardon, not trying to toot my own horn–just illustrate the concept).

How difficult would such a plugin be to write?