[Z.Consequences] objects affected by explosions

A very simple test to simulate objects affected by explosions :-)… yes, for my game zer0.Consequences., and I only wanted to put here to see what do you think :slight_smile:

check it directly from this link:Z.Con Explode

or if you want, dowload the gif from HERE.


I’m really curious, but for someone reason the website doesn’t work, data transfere exeeded or something. Well I’m able to create a mirror when I have the files. Be sure to upload it again, I’m really curious how it looks like. :smiley:

Ok, thanks notify me about that… :wink: I think is time to buy my hosting :expressionless:

Well, here are the files…
Jeeves I’ve used your ftp again, I hope there are no problem :slight_smile:

http://jeeves.50free.net/blender/com/zcon.mov [1.87 Mb]
http://jeeves.50free.net/blender/com/zconexp.gif [animated gif, about 5 Mb]

Cya :smiley:

Wow, this looks pretty cool!

Tell me, do you use IPO’s, physics or a script

btw, do you have a realtime demo of your game, or at least the explosion part?

:smiley: Wow, pretty cool mataii. Hehe, games looking better and better.

Hmm, let me guess scaling sphere played by IPO for the explosions? Guessing it’s that cause the barrels get knocked around quite a bit.

:wink: I’ve been working on something quite like that too, except that I can’t have the scaling sphere affect the object directly, makes it go too far. Had to modify amount of force with a script. Hmm, I’ll post up a video file if you want to compare. Hehe, or you guys can see when we release some video demo of the UWRG that we’re working on at the bcgp.

Jason Lin

Really awesome about those barrels flying around. Maybe you should experiment with the cube bound, or polytheder in 2.36. They detect the whole mesh shape and will act like real barrels. But right now it’s looks really cool. Keep going like this I think we’ve got a cool game comming. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello He-blend :smiley: thanks, I’ve used a scaling sphere (as goldentaiji mentioned) to affect the other objects, is too simple but I like the result. ABout the realtime demo I have not yet, but if you want I can put a section of the map if you want to try it :slight_smile:

Thanks goldentaiji :slight_smile:
Yes! :smiley: is a simple sphere scaling to affect the other dynamic objects, and of course I would like to see what are you doing with your projects :wink: , post the link to the video :wink:

Thanks JD-multi :wink: , about the version of blender, I’ve used the 2.25 because I get some errors in the new versions, I would like tu use these features (polyheader or cylinder) with the game, because I’ve done other things like the FDS (fake dynamic system) and the helicopter for zero.consequences and if I use the 2.25 they cannot work properly (fds and helicopter, because the use polyheader) but with 2.36 have some errors that I still cannot solve :-?

But… I’ll try. I’ll keep trying :wink:

This is a demo movie of the helicopter sim, almost all objects are untextured, it was only a file to test and develop, right now is ready to be used in the game :slight_smile:


:wink: Heh, Mataii that’s the same video file as the explosion test.

:o Helicopters, I wanna see.

Well here’s my explosion test. It’s not much. It just knocks the object gently away and then if shields reach 0 the object start spinning. Heh, easily modifiable to exert desired force, damage and spin on racer. :smiley: It’s going to be in the UWRG.

Here’s the short video file.
Oh yes just for reference, model is by sutabi and texture is by GusM. Weapon effects by Mooman.

%| I just did the coding and implementation portion of it.

Jason Lin

Ups… sorry, here is the file


Hey, your video looks great :smiley: ! it moves like if it was underwater, and the shoot effect is good too :wink: , in real time should look even better :slight_smile:

:o Woah, that video rocks Mataii. Lol, not much to say other then WOW!

Hehe, ok I do have one thing. You can probably add an extra spinning IPO for the blades. Like how a real helicopter takes off and lands. An extra animation for slowly spinning then going faster and faster. Landing, blades start slowing down.

Lol, but other than that :o .

Jason Lin

:smiley: Thanks goldentaiji ! :wink: yes, it is a good idea, I’ll try to implement it soon :slight_smile:

Looks really cool, I wish I could do something like that (maybe in time :wink: )

Thanks for your comments Kansas_15 :slight_smile: :wink:

hehe sweeeeet can’t wait to play this!

Hehehe… me too :stuck_out_tongue:

Time to work in the game :wink: , Cya

me too :stuck_out_tongue: