Z Day. - Seeking modellers / animators.

Hello. You may remember I posted about a game I was making, called Z Day a while back. Well, I’m still making it, it’s still online, but not in blender. I’m using blender for the modelling/animation work and here to ask if anyone who’s experienced with modelling and/or animation in blender would like to help out.

I’m looking for this sort of style houses/buildings:


Here’s a petrol station I made:


Every building should also have full interior work and any windows transparent as well. I’m using the Torque Game Engine for development.

Here’s a few of the zombies, we’re currently getting new zombies modelled:


Please feel free to email/PM me or visit www.zdaygame.com and PM/post on the forum or use the contact us form.


Extremly nice building u made there, okay, I know the texture do the most job, but still very great…
Do some more practice on the zombies, or use a humanoid-tool, I saw one cool…
However, keep it up, very nice indeed.:cool:

A question: Did you buy the Torque Game Engine? And if you did, how much did it cost?
And is it true that you can create good network games in it?

Laky_spy: Yes I did purchase Toruqe, it was £50 ($100). Yes it is true, you can make networking games with ease.

I already have the Z Day prototype (online) running which me and the other developers go in and test all the stuff. Great synchronization, no lag etc.

Zombies look cool!

I may have some buildings for you in my archives.
Torque is a neat engine! Glad to hear the price went down.

“Thought it was always $100.”
[EDIT] Actually the Torque 1.5 engine is for sale for $150 now.

The extra features like normal mapping, shaders, etc will cost an additional $150 I believe and it’s currently not stable yet.

Braveheart - How’s the workflow? Is it slower than blender’s?

Well naturally the workflow is slower as you have to export all models in a specific way you can’t just model everything and press P for the magic ;P. It’s not that much slower though, as everything is pretty simple to use and the power is really nice.

Scripting with Torque Script is pretty much like doing Python in blender.

the multi player protocol alone is worth 100$ to me :smiley:

Is there a WYSIWYG map editor for Torque?
I like the idea of the multiplayer too.
100$ is nothing for a decent license.

Yes there is! Terrain deformation, moving static models etc all in realtime as you run around.

I downloaded a demo of the Torque Engine, it’s on of the best engines i’ve seen(i prefer BGE though) the buildings look great, the zombies need work on though.

I think torgue is the one I was thinking of buying before I found blender. But if I remember corectly, the user forums were private?

I wanted to read the user posts to decide if it really was usable right out of the box.

I asked a few questions and was put off. The answer was always, buy it and see. LOL… then I decided to give blender and try and forgot all about torque.

But the adds looked great. Glad to know it works too! Thank you for posting…

looks like a great game, wish i could help

braveheart: how many times better do you think torque is to BGE?

torque does not support normal maps?