Z Day.

Hey :D.

I’m currently developing an FPS zombie game entitled “Z Day”.
The game is set in modern day and age, and obviously puts the player into a zombie epedemic.


“Z Day”
The world was a quiet place for the most part, no wars, world peace, and flourishing economies. Everything seemed to be going fine until a spotlight was put on The Ministry of Defence research centre that lied at the heart of the city; it was developing new world technology, as far we were told, until one of their experiments went terribly, terribly wrong. The experiment was called “R29”; the scientists were conducing research into reanimation of the human body and rabies. They came up with this virus which was a combination of both, they were planning on testing it on animals and it could potentially be used as a biological weapon. The virus escaped via a faulty container. The research lab claims it infected the surrounding area inside the city and will be moving on to others if not stopped. If a human is infected with it, it will spread through the blood taking over the cells by the hundreds until, after only hours the human will become a “zombie”, leaving the brain under control and with only one instinct, to attack and eat human flesh. The lab sent a letter to the Prime Minister seeking urgent assistance; unfortunately the letter never reached him, as he was relocated to a safer, secret location because of these “zombies”. The only known method of killing a zombie is to either remove the head or, destroying the brain. The zombie count is growing by the hour, watch you back out there.

Features (planned):

  • Blood.
  • Range of firearms.
  • Full 3D environments.
  • Constructible barricades. (Pending)
  • Open & closable doors.More…


Screenshots & Cover:

Larger images:

I’d greatly appreciate the help! I could do all the above via logic bricks (well i have a rough idea how to) but would much rather have them done via python. You will of course be in the credits for the game, i’ve also used some things from other people’s blends and stuff, i’ll be PMing them when/if the game comes closer to completion for a name to credit.

C&C always welcome.

PS: I gave up on my last project, the online game, for those wondering, as it was becoming far to complicated, had a lot of bugs etc. I was using another engine and i just overall prefer Blender :).

PPS: Can’t wait for the new forum set-up!


Looks good! A bit dark maybe, but you could always give the player a torch or something:D
The website looks pretty cool as well (although I noticed you’ve used a sitebuilder;)).

Haha thanks; again it’s not dark for me! God what the hell :p, to top it, those screens where lightened using Photoshop!

Ah yeah, i did hehe, i’m not the site designer type. Obviously i will purchase a site and all if and when the game becomes a lil’ more developed.

nice, I like it so far, if your looking for another modeler, i’d be happy to help out. I can texture pretty well too

This game looks SWEET. Only crit, on the cover, it should be “a fps” not “an fps”

Also, have you read the zombie survival guide by Max Brooks? If not it may provide some useful ideas for your game.

Yeah i know, but “A FPS” just doesn’t sound right :p.

EDIT: New cover:


I can help with modeling. Just tell me what you want. Also, are you going to have melee weapons, and random stuff like bows, crossbows, etc, or just guns?

No melee weapons, doing the actually calculations with collision (without using ray or python) is very glitchy, plus you need to make them big enough to actually hit the zombie mesh, and they’d go through walls and everything.

Until/unless i can learn python, it’ll be firearms for now. Not sure about random stuff yet :p.

More! ( Ignore the weapons for now :stuck_out_tongue: ):

'Bout to blow his fecking brains out! Hehe.

You’ve got some nice sets there, now make some good game-play and interaction and it will be more than visual!

Keep working!


Thanks! I will :). I’m aiming to sell the finished product at a small price, but i’m not certain on it yet. I’m also thinking of using Crystal Space to render the graphics, that is, if that works?

Also, i have purchased some breathtaking music! I got a pack with a mixture of Horror/suspense music. I have planned the game-play out, and am working on the visuals on the city as we speak :). it’s sure to be a good one. The poly cout is going to be large though, i’m concentrating on detail in the city. Only a small city/place thought. I’m estimating the poly count to reach around 30k, possibly even cap 40k.

Only one set back, i may need Python for the AI/path finding as track to> Player is going to have 25+ zombies all in the same spot getting stuck behind doors and such, obviously it will cause extreme lag and/or crash, sadly, i can’t learn python all that fast. But, i’ll see what i can do :D.

Interesting looking game, I hope this game gets off the ground and goes well without too many problems. If you encounter any issues, feel free to ask!

Awww! Melee weapons are espically fun in zombie games! :smiley: The problem with the weapons going through the wall can easily be fixed by having all the weapons in a overlay scene (I know a lot of fps games do it that way).
Then for collision with melee weapons in a overlay scene, you could time the swing with a empty, to add a invisible collision plane (that only last a quarter of a second), and could send a message to the zombie to play the animation of getting hit. The same method could be used for guns, except it would send the collision plane really fast in the pointed direction.

Ive made characters for halflife and done level design too. If you want some free help just ask me…all I ask is for is the name in the credits and maybe a free copy :stuck_out_tongue:


Um…what? Show us some proof…hahahahaha!!!


Well, as i press on to finish the city, i’ve decided to post some more screenshots :):


The city is about 18% done, 11k polys :stuck_out_tongue: still runs at a sweet 60fps!
C&C Welcome!

I also modded the set-up in Social’s template to walk up and down stairs seamlessly! The way he has it currently, it won’t even go up a ramp let alone stairs.

EDIT: I made a small video showing the stair walk :stuck_out_tongue: and showing off a piece of my new music!:


PS: Ignore the horrible quality & what appears to be lag… I don’t know how to fix them. When recording it’s fine in game, but always comes out horrible.


Hey, looks really good! Remember me to some streets of the old Duke Nukem 3D. The graffities are yours? :smiley:

I found the solution of the template to go up and down stairs making the model colision of the player like a sphere collision.

Keep it up!

Gaby podrías explicarme eso de la colision de la esfera para las escaleras?, en mi juego de gta tengo ese problema, te mandaré un privado aquí o en canguro para exlicartelo bien ok? :slight_smile:

Gaby would you be able to explain me about sphere collision for the stairs? in my GTA style game I have got that problem. I’ll cotact you by private message.

PS: Ignore the horrible quality & what appears to be lag… I don’t know how to fix them. When recording it’s fine in game, but always comes out horrible.

What program did you use to make the video? I think fraps is the best. www.fraps.com

Actually, the sphere method didn’t alow for a seemless travel up the stairs, the method i used does :P.

I have fraps, but fraps is horrible. I used my screen recorder, reason being is i can select the size of the screen i want to record, and i can record for as long as i like. And, it doesn’t produce huge files like fraps.

looks very good.
nice game. i love the fps game.
i can help you with the:
path finding
cut down on logic brick use
weapon changing
a health/food system
you can write me to: [email protected]

I will upload my blend. can this sound curious, but i started an proyect with the exact name like yours!! The mine its " The Z Day" and its more hide and seek with the zombies. I leave it much time ago. I only start to made a scenario.

I upload it for fisico I wait help you.

Un saludo campeon :smiley: