Z Elf

Needs some enveloping and tweaking, but here’s what I have for now:D


The finger on the 1st image is distorted or something. Or is just the camera angle?
Should look good once finished completely.

The hands are actually from another model. I just put them to get an idea of how it should look. They aren’t really even attached.:smiley:

Any suggestions.

I made some modifications to the face and body. I also got rid of the particle hair. Need to make a few more around the neck. Normal on the lip needs work as well. Anything else?


i like the pose of the first image where she is lunging kind of. The thing that bothers me is that she looks like she is made out of plastic. Otherwise i think it is cool.

Any ideas as to how one would make it appear as something other than plastic?

The tendons/muscles starting at the clavicles need to look as if they run to the skull behind the ear.

also the clavicles are somewhat exaggerated.

I’m not too positive myself. I have only dabbled with blender. But i believe you’d have to play with the shader settings and try different settings to see what they look like. The changes only seem to show up in the render so you’d have to do some test renders.

Hey don’t know if you have figured out that answer yet but i’m taking 3d modeling in school and can better answer that for you now. For the material in shaders i used oren-nayar for the diffuse shader and increased the rough setting up. Any specular shader you use you want to turn the spec setting down to zero to get rid of the highlight that makes it look shiny. Here is a test render.



Thanks. Dude.

Started fiddling with turning off the spec, but I’d never thought to try oren-nayar.