Z.I - Zombie Infected v.1.0.6 pre-alpha will have more quality

(linuxfree) #1

1.0.6 updated improvements in the walking animations in the graphic quality of the zombies and all the darkened bloods

1.0.6 will have open world with cycle day/night and grass and folliages with wind sound.Atmosphere.BGE its a live.A in to the dead level of unity come on here in BGE soon.

1. model with bone animation parented can have a good effect in 360° of angles.

1.0.5 updated of Z.I. with shaders and shadows settings available.Can enable or disable settings.Enjoy

I finish the pre alpha 1.0.4 of ZI zombie infected FPS game
Please look my video and like to help our project
If possible Please download and test how much FPS you got.
Post here with your hardware used

Graphics card

v.1.0.3 - have Bugs please understand its a first publish version

Give me here a feedback please.

Please https://www.paypalobjects.com/en_US/i/btn/btn_donate_SM.gif $3 with paypal to email account: [email protected] and Download v.1.0.4 no bugs and with news here! After donation please post here,we will send link of v.10.4 in pm to download. Help our project to get $99 to put game on steam.



(Lyeb) #2

20~ fps. A6 7400k radeon r5, an old ATI 4300/4500 piece of crap and 4GB RAM, win7 64. So it’s all sitting right on the shit-end of PCs but I can still run games way more intense than this, so I should be able to get a good performance out of some lowpoly cadavers. Either my computer hates Blender or something in here isn’t properly optimized.

Anyway, here’s a few things: i had unlimited jump, zombies attacked me through walls, thirty bullets right in their face didn’t seem to kill them (they just sat down for a few seconds and then got back up), their moaning is constant and a tad too loud, the gun’s reload felt kinda unresponsive. Also I got stuck on the loading screen for about ten minutes and then it crashed. I tried again, but instead of new game I clicked load and it took me to level 2, weird. Last but not least, I had to adjust my screen position and scale to play this and it’s been like ten years since I last did that.

My system has it’s issues obviously, but…


(linuxfree) #3

its a small bugs have a 3 need solve soon but look my gameplay

Good News the bigjump is finished no bug more i just chance player from charcater physics to dynamics. its better cause accept work with applyForce then i write one script with that. Now you when see message press E for big jump in 3 seconds work fine.

Will continue correction in wall then for correct bugs

https://youtu.be/Lutvp2dH2zs after you complete level 1 you go to screen mission complete then ou save and go to screen to load level 2 its normal
thanks for feedback


(TIAN-SKY.com) #4

Gameplay looks fun.

It sounds as if they say “shiet” when they die. Perhaps you can vary what they say (or not) for variety, as it gets repetitive.

Otherwise, nice game. Polish it up a bit, and you can sell it for a few quids / bucks on itch.io.


(linuxfree) #5

please post feedback of FPS ou got in gameplay and your hardware used.
thank you


(linuxfree) #6

the sound of dead master zombies is a headshot voice have laughs the game is a bit crazy like fps fast:D
please post feedback of FPS ou got in gameplay and your hardware used.
thank you



Average of frames 130, minimum 80, Max 200.

GTX 1080 8GB
16gb RAM

The game has an old school mechanic, but it is something dynamic, when I played I felt a freshness, it is not a ‘‘heavy’’ game.

The sound is very good, it provides a fantastic immersion in the game, one of the best I’ve seen in this respect.

Graphics (Scenario) I was surprised by the graphic quality of the scenario, it was very well done and with attention to detail, it worked very well.

Graphics (Weapons) The pistol is good, the only thing I would do would be to reduce from 30 to 15 projectiles and create a recharge animation for it. The submachine gun could be reduced to 30 projectiles, and it would be a bit slower, I liked it, blue scope and reload animation; Knife, well modeled, but by the level of the zombies it is a good idea that it kills in only one hit in the head.

Graphics (Zombies) They are very well done, it was another aspect that surprised me, the only thing lacking in my opinion was a little more illumination in their model, they were very dark.

Gameplay, fit, arcade, fun, but with bugs. I felt a great freshness when playing the game, I just did not see the time passing while shooting the zombies, it is a fit and fun gameplay, which refers to old school games;

Objective: The goal was presented in a very cool way, the only thing that could be improved was the key to appear somewhere ‘’ visible ‘’ as at the end of the corridor

The most annoying bugs were:

Being transported out of the room happened when a zombie attacked me on the wall, when I tried to jump I was transported out of the room on Mission 1 and 2.

Indication of hit appearing without being attacked, happened in Mission 2, appeared on my screen some red marks that meant hits, but I did not lose life nor was attacked.
Bug trying to run on the ramp of Mission 2, when I tried to climb the ramp, my character was much slower (I do not know if it’s intentional or not)
Bug up the ramp with some weapon, the animation of the weapon was locked after that, and did not return to normal.
Zombie bug enters the wall and becomes immortal, preventing the advance of the mission

Finally, a summary of the positive and negative aspects

  • Hitbox very well mounted
  • Ragdoll well worked
  • Excellent sound
  • Good graphics
  • Lightweight and fluid gameplay
  • Old school quality
  • Alert icon when a zombie tries to attack you from behind
  • Objectives easy to understand and complicated to perform, great for the hardcore survival theme
  • Some bugs can complicate the gameplay
    -Sometimes I got a little lost because there was not a mini-map or something to explain me what was going on
    -I was confused on the second mission, because I did not know which door I should enter
    -There could be 1 minute more in the time

Sound: 9.5
Graphics: 8.0
Gameplay: 8.0
Fun: 8.5

Final note for the Pre alpha version: 8.5

I realized that mission scenario 1 and 2 are loaded in the same world and at the same time, if you put each mission on a single map, this will reduce unnecessary hardware usage by increasing frames per second, I also saw that you are using the texture in the maximum graphics, since the graphics are detailed, try to create a graphic selection option

And, most importantly, an option to choose the resolution.

A game that has a lot of potential and has everything to be popular as a new classic.

Just be able to fix the most important bugs and there is more time and / or the presence of a mini map, the game just needs to get a little more interactive and optimized so it will be great.

Something very important, what is the resolution of the textures you used in the game?


(linuxfree) #8

thank a lot I,m finish correction of bug to resend pre-alpha 1.03 and next level will try increase more things in game.
thanks for post.


(linuxfree) #9

I just finishing adjustments and bug corrections and will have news in fase 2 better explanation enemy with new weapon i think go to version 1.04 may be will try.


(linuxfree) #10

version 1.0.4 is now finished please take a look and play


(linuxfree) #11

please help our project look video on youtube like
download a demo version here play and post feedback.


(linuxfree) #12

Now in Update enemies animations phase.


(linuxfree) #13

3D high-grass to my new open world level soon


(linuxfree) #14

Just started open world level 3.
the last picture have a Dynamic light cycle Day/Night.

the last here



You can also add lakes and rivers in level 3, the contrast with nature would be splendid, something like the world of Rust, Dayz, Far Cry 5 or Stranded Deep.

I found some videos that can help:

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwLtwbmU74U

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inrOozfH-_Q


(linuxfree) #16

look level 3 started devlopment

(linuxfree) #17

News about Open World soon level will UP!
Now rocks with cyclers render baked texture in vegetation map

just look!


(linuxfree) #18

Good News! I just finally made few adjustments to zombie animations and now have camera blood splatter and blood splatter walls and blood brain particles of zombie when receive a head shot.

Soon will finish environment level 3 open world then will put the enemies.


(Ludovic_L) #19

Kool game. How many levels are you planning to do?


(linuxfree) #20

dont know yet but now with adjustments soon will improve from alpha to beta version