Z.I - Zombie Infected v.1.0.6 pre-alpha will have more quality

(linuxfree) #21

NOW if you shot on head of zombie at front camera the add a weapon blood soon the body player will be add too :wink:

(linuxfree) #22

player after shot in head of zombie in front view small distance

(linuxfree) #23

M24 Blood


These new additions have increased game immersion, looks great!

(linuxfree) #25

thanks now creating system spawn ammo to M24 will be very needed for level 3 open world i think will have Boss there!

(linuxfree) #26

now start FPS+survival style no more infinity reloads for M24 submachine gun.
The game now has 7-round reload always for glock weapon. For M24 you will have 25 X-4 automatic reloads when it is empty you will have to search for the munition of the M24 weapon and automatically change to glock weapon. When you find the municao then it changes to M24 weapon and carries the 25 X 4 weapon.

(linuxfree) #27

tomorrow hopefully will post the final version of intro trailer Alpha.Mid of august work in only level 3 open world to finish first beta version!

(linuxfree) #28

Now the oficial intro trailer of Z.I. game alpha version.

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(linuxfree) #29

thats my conteiner model for open world will have many for player walk at the cross find zombies

(linuxfree) #30

This is my finished modeled and texuted conteiner environment to my open world level.

(linuxfree) #31

Adding conteiners to level…

(linuxfree) #32

(linuxfree) #33

Good Scope Recoil Fusil precision Shot mode


(Uniday Studio) #34

Remove the texts from the normal map generation…Good work, tho

(linuxfree) #35

what do you mean? texts = texture?

(Uniday Studio) #36

No, I mean the text fonts. Like “Zombie Plague”.

(linuxfree) #37

lol its perfect effect show like a paint in deform surface normal map effect beleive this is a good effect

(linuxfree) #38

finishing this level 3 open world will try made multiplayer pvp with zombies!

(linuxfree) #39

Dirty concrete texture in to the room level 3 not AO and not Normal map yet

(linuxfree) #40

Textured wall of room with Difuse - AO - Normal Map - Displacment