Z sorting issues?

Hi peeps.

I’ve been working on a girl. A model… :wink:

And I want to give her curly hair.

This guy put out a nice tut the end result for his “afro” hair is pretty good. Even being all black like that.

I’m trying to achieve the same result in blender with GLSL and getting a poor result.
using 2.53 as well. But it looked the same in 2.49b.

I’ve tried a few things. Even tried a 1 bit alpha image, or something close to it.

PS I hate the GIMP. I am trying to be open source… But I HATE it.


I know what you are getting at with GIMP but it is actually pretty badass. Just don’t compare it to Photoshop with it’s $999 retail pricetag.

You should just be able to press the sort button in the texface panel for each face. That should fix the issue in both 2.49b and 2.53. Just make sure you have at least one texture applied to the object so that the options show up.

Thanks gomer.

I didn’t even know that object>faces>sort faces existed until I went looking for it based on your suggestion.

This helped quite a bit. Unfortunately I can seem to only at best make it sort from 1 view axis.

I guess the only problem now is that blender doesn’t support 8 bit alphas?

Is it simply that alpha sorting isn’t working properly in the 2.5 series?

i dont know what the problem is with the image, but instead of GIMP you could try some open source software like Paint.net

The problem I am having is that the GE is not rendering double sided faces regardless of what I do. Alpha textures look abysmal with it.

My problem with the GIMP is that it lacks a lot of functionality that makes it difficult after having switched over to it from photoshop. It the best open source option out there though.

I was just mentioning that I don’t like it, because to make alpha maps for textures it could be a lot more robust.

Did you try running the game and looking at it? The viewport renders alpha differently from the game engine, and what I see in your screen captures is a pretty standard viewport issue that doesn’t appear in runtime.

You should be able to get two sided faces by toggling twoside in the faces panel.

PS the gimp has far better alpha support than photoshop. I use photoshop as my primary, but I keep the gimp on hand specifically for times when I need to work on an image’s alpha channel.