Z: The World of the Walking Dead Wants Character Artists - Tiger Zombie Art Inside!


About The Project

I’m aiming to develop this game for the PC using the Unreal Development Kit engine. We would first do a proof of concept for our game and present it to various publishers in hopes of getting funding to develop the game for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Otherwise we would go at it alone and see where that takes us. It would be a long road but if we do this right and have the right talent behind it (yours?) - I personally believe this could be one of the top selling games in whatever year it’s released in.

We’re primarily looking to add additional modelers to the team, but if there are any animators or programmers that are interested, we would love to have you. Depending on how much you involve yourself in the project - you would get a fair share of the profits this title generates.

My goal is to have the game ready for release to the retail market by Halloween 2011. I’m sure you can understand the significance of this release date. (It’s Halloweeeeen! And our game has zombies!)

Regarding the story of the game itself:

Things would start with a young teenager in his room in an apartment complex. It’s would be a rainy night. The lightning and thunder outside would be keeping him up. Suddenly something outside his bedroom door begins to knock on the wood. The knocking turns into pounding! The door is slowly torn down and in walk the main character’s mother and father - having become zombies. Sadly there’s only one thing the player can do - and so he grabs his baseball bat and the player would have to bash in his parents brains.

What we would do after this opening is let the player out into the city. There would be a number of NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) screaming for help and the player would have to chose which ones to save. The others would get devoured. This would specifically affect the story for the game.

And so the first half the player would work to get together a convoy of survivors from all different walks of life. Eventually things would play out as the convoy gets into a number of challenging situations as new varieties of zombies show up, food starts to run down, and people in the convoy start to lose their minds and go crazy. Overall the game will not only be a game about zombies but also a game about the human condition. I’m not sure yet where the story would end up either - but the game wouldn’t give you a health bar.

Get bit once. You’re dead. The end. One approach I’ve had is lets say the player and the convoy are fighting zombies and one zombie gets up on the player and bites them. Well they push the zombie off and shoot it in the head. Suddenly once the other people in the convoy see that you’ve been bit and they shoot you dead on sight - and that’s how the “Game Over” screen will come about. Get bit and everyone on your team will murder you. Personally I think it’s a pretty novel way to do a game over.

If someone on your convoy is bit once - they either die or can suffer for a while until they become a zombie and you can kill them then. It’s up to the player. There would also be 100 weapons in the game and the player would assign which members of the convoy got what.

Designs and Themes

We need to do a proof of concept that will prove to publishers that we can make a really exciting game. And a huge part of what really interests publishers is the look of a game. Right away they will decide if the game has the right look to “sell”. All this means is that we would do one level in the game that will really showcase what our project is all about.

The key visual thing we’d be going for with this game is an accurate depiction of a zombie bite. There has never been a game to accurately depict the zombie bite and we want to be the first. Usually, as you can see in games like Left 4 Dead - the zombies kind of run to the player and kind of slap them and their health goes down. Well we want to show zombies sinking their rotting teeth into people and pulling away with bleeding flesh in their mouth. It would be gory and disturbing - but that’s precisely what a zombie apocalypse should be.

Regarding settings - I had one idea of a short storyline set apart from the main campaign in Tokyo, Japan. A piece of the game centered in this locale would be breathtaking and would really make our project look exciting and fresh to publishers.


I’m also thinking of a zoo setting where we could introduce infected animals like gorillas and tigers. That also would look really amazing to players and publishers.


I think that should be more than enough for you to go over for now. Our goal is to have a very working proof of concept by GDC 2011.

We will do weekly updates of where we’ve reached in the project.

Thanks for reading,
Zen Davis

Contact information:

AIM: ZenDDavis
E-mail: [email protected]

Team Currently Consists of:

Emma - Concept Artist
Thomas - Concept Artist
Gerard - Concept Artist
Hyrohiku - Concept Artist
Seawad - Concept Artist
John M. Osbourne - Concept Artist
Matjoshas - Concept Artist
Paul - Concept Artist and Animator
Eugene - Animator
Sn1pe56 - Animator
Mark - SFX
Trevor - SFX and Modeler
Jake - Modeler
Emile - Modeler
Matthew - Modeler
Henry Poon - Programmer
Peter - Writer
Zen - Game Designer / Writer


Character Artists
Environmental Artists


New art!

Contact at [email protected]

i enjoy game design, but i believe that zombie or shoot em up’s are the most popular games out there. Also, many of the games on here are already zombie games. I think that the zombie shoot em up’s are a disgusting disgrace to the art of game design. I have nothing against shoot em up games, but zombie shooters… =/ anyways good luck with the project!


I’m sorry to hear you feel that ShingWanTin. Hopefully our project can innovate the Zombie genre in some way.


GOd this is SIck, even for psycopats!

I wouldn’t had said better leonnn.

I wish such wonderful talents could be used on a more honorable type of art,

I hope you’ll have the skills to put these 2D sketches to some nice 3D animated targets.

Good luck pal.

I like it but what I don’t like is that the first image says “Z: Land of the Walking Dead”, and the rest of them say “Z: World of the Walking Dead”. Pick a name and stick to it?

really love the gorilla and tiger sketches, you have some great talent working on the project.
If this is your first project, zombie shooter is a wise choice actually.

…the last picture was unimaginative and too uncomfortable to watch though.

ok, the last pic was too much,
do somthing about it;

i would recommend to hide it and to tell
some kind of warning.


just remove it.

Other than that, you draw nice.

The last picture is just…I would say could make a queasy person ill and possibly throw up.

Hide it in a link with a warning, and if you actually include such imagery in the game post a strong content warning, as it would be gorier than most of the zombie games on the market right now.

And zombie games seem to be the most overdone game type right now.

truely sick but thats a realy good render if thats what it is of child zombe

Thanks for the words of feedback guys. I’m not the artist. That is from someone who is also doing concept art for Alice 2. The idea is to make the most realistic zombie simulator ever and child zombies are a part of that mission statement.

There is a reason why the concept of child zombies is almost never explored; it is because you instantly lose a huge segment of your audience. I wouldn’t play a game with ‘child zombies’ in it, and I am, frankly, your target audience. (18 year old FPS-promoter with a mostly sound mind.) The audience you are left with is likely not the type you wish you have.

On the other hand, you’ve started off with the player character being a child and beating their parents to death, so okay, relatively speaking it’s not an issue.

There isn’t really such a thing as a ‘realistic’ zombie simulator, as zombies are not realistic. I’d just like to point that out.

Some things you might want to improve and innovate on are:
a) The crowd dynamics/intelligence in a horde (Mostly a task of the programmer)

b) The story behind and consequences of the zombie virus. Worldwide panic! The thing that was in all those videogames and movies is real, apocalypse is upon us! Do nations make agreements between each other to find a cure? Can we resort to nuclear decimation of the affected area?

c) Expand more upon the people outside the city. If a zombie virus were to actually break out, I’d expect a much larger and more effective response from the military than is commonly presented by films and games. Try to correctly represent today’s technology. Bombing runs, body armor to prevent bites, gas masks, armed helicopters and jets are what I’d expect, and goodness knows it’d be fun to watch a pile of zombies being run over by a tank. Now, because it’s necessary, power up the zombies to make the threat to the military forces real- don’t rely on ‘the military takes time to arrive’ to make the threat real to only the protagonist. That’s been done in almost every zombie fiction I’ve seen and it’s a real atmosphere spoiler, for me, because you realize the world itself is not in any peril, only you are. (And because you rarely get attached to the player character in shooters, this means the player is not in any peril.)

Anyway. Are you sure you have enough programmers? I mean, you have… one. He looks a bit lonely next to all those artists ;_;

That list is now outdated. The project now has five coders. We’re beginning work on the main character’s apartment building and getting weapons up and running as well.

Also thank you for your lengthy response. I appreciate the time you took to help give us direction. I will post it in our team forums.

Finally is it my stance that since the very first zombie film - Night of the Living Dead (the Karen character) - child zombies have existed. In which case, if they can exist in one medium, they can exist in this medium.

I respect your feelings that this may be over doing it - but it is my belief that in order to provoke a complete suspension of disbelief, child zombies must exist in our game. The artwork is no more grotesque than the imagery portrayed in “World War Z” and “The Walking Dead”.

I’ve also fixed the logo.

Well… I like your drawings, they are realy realy good.
Raiderium said that some people wouldn’t play it because the zombie child that might be a bit over it (well thats what i think you mean?) but as well i realy didn’t felt good while i saw the pic (i find it realy gross, but it is drawn realy good XD) i would still play the game maybe with a weird feeling or something but ah well thats how i think about it.

@ Raiderium: yes a zombie doesn’t exist but you can make it as good as possible and that’s what you CAN call realistic…

Good luck with your project.

Am I the only one who doesn’t find the zombie child disgusting? I am the most squeamish person I know and that doesn’t bother me. Anyway, I was telling a friend about this and he thought it is a good idea to include child zombies, I don’t know of any town that doesn’t have children.

The latest COD has that mission where you mow down unarmed innocents, and that broke sale records even though it had family groups in outcry.

Dante’s Inferno had child demons.

Zombie games in them selves get high ratings (L4D2 got banned in Australia, now we have L4D2 for kindergartener’s with no blood, dead bodies fade away straight away and watered down graphics. Seriously killed that game).

If you click on a thread about zombies… expect to see zombies, doing zombie things?

Anyway, hope to see this game on xbox, although good luck getting it passed Australia’s rating board: no 18+ games exist here. Love a good zombie shoot em up.


One way…
Or another…
He’s gonna’ get you…
He’s gonna’ eat you, eat you, eat you…

One way…
Or another…

Realy realy nice but the blood on one of his legs looks a little bit weird


for the AI have you guys looked at using Recast & Detour for pathfinding and navmesh? Those are both being integrated to Blender this summer, and are professional quality. Also look at the ‘digesting duck’

He is the author of those librarys and is also doing steering (see his ‘adaptive RVO’ post).