Z1 - Concept

Here’s a concept car, I originally intended it for the Peugeot Design Contest last year, but didn’t have time to model it then. Hope you all like it! :slight_smile:
Rendered in Yafray. HDR map made on location.

UPDATE (Sept. 21st), compositing corrected:

1600*1200: http://deeppixel.uw.hu/gallery/Z1_3_1600.jpg

Superb render and compsiting!

Perhaps the contrast on the car is slightly over done, the same for the darkness under the car. The top of the car would have a slight blueish tint and the bottom a slight greyish tint for reflected light rather than just reflection, but over all this is awsome.

Welldone, 5 stars from me.

I just can’t believe it. I think this real. 10 Stars out of 5.

I can’t see any reflections on the car glasses.

The specular on the car paint is a bit strong, toning that done and hardening it would bring out the believability.
Also, on such a bright day, there would not be any soft shadows; observe the shadows in the photograph, very hard with little to no falloff.
Other than that, breathtaking.

@cinder1 I don’t see the shadows you are refering to. Looking at the shadows of the bird and the garbage can the shadow of the car looks believable to me.

@Moremun I’m not to sure you would see strong reflection in the windows. Sometimes you are imagining things when you know that something is faked. I wondered if you would have known that it is CG if it was to be displayed in a car magazin.

5 Stars from me for a almost perfect render.

Hope you don’t mind I edited that a bit, just the way i think it looks more real. (Some minor noise and color correction.)


If the car wouldnt be so futuristic, it could be believed that this is a real image.

Very interesting concept and a great image!

Samipe:: Yeah, but this is probably the thing the original image was missing.

And maybe the car should be in some futuristic city, not this one :slight_smile:

Nevertheless, five stars.

I thought something looked a little out of place in the first one but the second one fixed it all up. Yup, its real. A definite 5 stars.

yes, your render is very clear, its not good - not real. You can change it with gimp.
I was done my version of natural photo :slight_smile:
noise, aberration, diaphragm, little glowing…


Samipe, your alterations make it pretty much perfect. Gucias, a bit too noisy.

Still its pretty amazing that so little post pro had to be done to make it look 100% real.

Hi Gucias
I am not able to understand HDR. Can you pleaes describe how to use this in Blender.

Thanks everyone!
The picture at the top is the original, out-of-the-box render. Yep, I had already done some post-pro editing too: less saturation and contrast and a bit of noise, but I didn’t have the newer picture with me to upload it (haven’t got a working internet connection at home right now). The two edited version here are very similar, thanks, at least I don’t need to upload it now :slight_smile: The first one is a bit better, the second one is too out of focus. I mean the object of the picture is to present a concept car, it should be sharp, it doesn’t necessarily have to blend into the background.

Moramun: Look at the top of the front windshield: the white building is reflected. Also some clouds are reflected at the part where you see the driver’s seat.
Shadows: I don’t see any problem, there are sharp shadows fron the sun, and soft ones from indirect light, like the sky, just like at the wall (the “dirt in the corners” is soft shadow).

I actually think that also the materials could help = less shiny and maybe more layers, to make the paint look more real. and - soft shadow! remember also the sun is not a point, but a ball, so it works more as arealamp the shadows in background are a tiny bit softer then yours, but just a little

veeery nice, kudos on the nice job :slight_smile:

Definitely a piece worth adding in the gallery. :slight_smile:

The car looks great except for the front. It’s too specular, (would help if yafray supported material nodes) and the vertical chrome grill clashes with the horizontal lines of the headlights. Also there appears to be some slight jagged artifacts on the vertical strip at the front. But I’m sure you’ve seen this. Not a biggy. Not too sure on the gills at the back of the car, it does add to the car but could do with a bit more personality, they look fairly bland at the moment.

The glass reflections are particularly well done and near perfect. The seats look comfortable and genuine, save for a few stitches to seal the deal. The interior all in all is very well done, could we see some close ups? I also just noticed a small compartment behind the seats with some neons? I don’t know it’s hard to see. I like nonetheless =)

If you could only change one thing I’d suggest the specular value of the front of the car. That’s the most obvious. The rest are just nit picks. For a concept car this is outstanding work. I’ve only modeled 1 car in Blender before (Mazda RX-8) and that took me a good 2 months. So I can’t imagine modelling one without blueprints! Excellent job on incorporating it into the scene and the HDR work. You should be proud!
Almost there!

Since everyone as pretty much covered the compositing part of it, I guess i’ll make some comments on your car. (but next time take a sharper background photo :p)

On the whole, I feel confused as to its purpose. It has a performance driven, veyron/renault-esque coupe feel to it, especially with the mid/rear engine (i think?) layout. However, it has a massivley long wheel base, family-size visibility and passenger room inside.

Everything forward of the A pillars is great - i like the creases in the windscreen extending from the bonnet especially. The back half seems un-considered though, the fairly useless looking slotted vent and the fuel cap seem awfully arbitrary and superfluous to the design. The back part of the curve, rear and side windows feels unresolved.

So, i really like the front part, and i find the headlight cluster/vent assembly very interesting, and i also like the two tone colour scheme. I just feel that a few more iterations of design development, with a bit of consideration would really resolve this into something a bit more representative of your design goals.

keep up the good work.

Updated the picture at the beginning!

Redbyte: Thanks! Yep, it would be good to have nodes, however Yafray is still a better renderer (imho) and I use it almost all of the time.
And yes, that compartment has the engine, with a glass top and lights to make everyone wonder and look at the car :slight_smile:

Traitor: Thanks for the comments, I was becoming a bit bored with the compositing problems myself :slight_smile: Well design is a subjective thing, so I’m not going to go into why it looks the way it does, the vertical grills was the way I had wnated it to be. The back isn’t as good as it could have been, I have to agree, and the fuel cap was added later. But I don’t see any problem with a long wheelbase, or passengers. I had to have passengers, as the driver has to sit at the middle so the glass breaks don’t obtrude his sight, and then without passengers there would only have been one seat, which doesn’t make sense.

The rear wents are supposed to be like the front ones, they were a part of the very first sketch I had done. They might be better though, if i ever have time I can try to do a second render with some things in the design in another way…

Just noticed that the reflection on the side of the car is very streched at one point, this is most noticable on the largest render.

Your re-composit is the business, very realistic, i think you should post it on cgtalk, it looks better than Gucias’s and Samipe’s.