z3r0 d a question about your mouse script

I am using the mousescript from your fps_controls.blend example but don’t fully understand it so I basically did a copy and paste job.

I am trying to fire a projectile using the mouse to aim, I have the projectile semi-working by parenting an object to the camera and adding a keyboard sensor linked to a controller that sets the the linear velocity of the object linked to an actuator adds the object.

This works fine for using the mouse to control lateral movement, but because lateral and up/down movement are not linked in your script I am having trouble getting the up/down movement working correctly.

Should I be parenting the object to something else? I have tried the camera and the cube with the same result. Or do I need to change something in the script to have the object also be affected on the up/down axis?

I’ve tried setting the projectile with the same scripts as the cube but that ends up with the same problem and extreme frame rate drops

put the add object actuator on the camera

give the object a negative velocity on the z axis [forwards] and perhaps a bit on the y axis [upwards]. Make sure you press the L button [for local velocity]

fps_controls.blend rotates one object left/right, and the camera up/down.