Z4 on the road

Z4 GT on the road.
Render with blender internal.

Very nice…and I love to see nice blender internal images…BI is very powerful and can do a lot of stuff…:yes:

Cool, does that material has any fresnal effects? :smiley: shes pretty :slight_smile:

good old BI :smiley: nice car. some more angles would be cool. (and wires?:confused:)

Thanks for your comments.
Ctdabomb : here is an picture of z4 http://cgcookie.com/blender/images/z4-gt3/
I post tomorrow the wire :wink:

The wire

it’s nice…

Nice render. Love your camera angle and the whole composition.

Any particular reason for choosing BI instead of cycles?

How log did it take to render

for me cycles is still some sort of in development engine.

Very nice but i have the feeling that the car will fly at the first wind.