Zach 2.0 (My best character)


(Tarik Krug) #1

Have any comments? Just write them down!


(Kadraeus) #2

The hair looks pretty good, honestly. I do think you could work on the face a bit more. Maybe add some blush on different parts of his skin, and make the lips a slightly different color since they’re kinda hard to see (obviously try not to overdo it so it won’t look like lipstick) . Also, based on this picture, it doesn’t look like he has ears. Not a bad model so far, though.

(kkar) #3

He looks Zack alright, he could use a bit of better cheek bones, better inner eye corner and some ears to hear better

(Tarik Krug) #4

Wow I’m flattered I’m a big fan of your characters, true I can’t sculpt ears so I just gave up and also you are right! the lips are kinda hard to see I just saw this now.
Thank you so much for passing by!

(Tarik Krug) #5

Thanks :laughing:

(Kadraeus) #6

Thanks! Also, yes, ears are kinda hard to sculpt. For my characters I extruded part of the head and then sculpted the ears using reference photos from Google.

(Tarik Krug) #7

nice! but how did you do the eyes so perfectly of the character in your profile pic?

(Tarik Krug) #8

making the basic shape is easy but making it look realistic it’s the hard part :laughing:

(Tarik Krug) #9

Check it out this is an update of eyes, cheeks and a little facial expression

(Kadraeus) #10

That’s a little better. I’ll get back to you about the eyes later when I have time. Gonna try to give you as much detail about them as I can.

(Kadraeus) #11

So, the eyes for my character honestly aren’t the greatest, but here’s how they work:
I modeled the basic shape of an eyeball using a sphere:

I then extruded part of it to make the cornea (the transparent layer around the iris and pupil). For the iris, I took a circle and sculpted the details based on reference photos using the multires modifier. Here’s an image of the mesh (it’s a high poly mesh) and the shader nodes I use for it. I added a “dirty vertex paint” to darken the crevices of the iris and accentuate the detail:
For the color and texture of the iris, I used an edited texture from Makehuman, a software I used to use before making my own characters. Any texture that isn’t just a solid color will work. I just used this because I had it on my computer. The RGB curve node is what I use to edit the color of the iris.
The pupil is just a circle with a glass and diffuse node mixed:
Now, for the sclera (the white part of the eyeball), I gave the eye a dirty vertex paint, then a mix RGB node so I can animate the eye turning red when crying. I also gave it a black and white texture with the white circle being where the cornea is, so that I can separate the white and black and have them fade into different shaders. This is so the transition from the white of the sclera to the transparent/glossy cornea is smooth (had to separate part of the sclera to a second cornea shader because of an annoying problem where it looked like it was spray painted).
Finally, I combined the iris, the pupil, and the rest of the eyeball into one mesh and used shapekeys on the iris
to simulate the dilation and constriction of the pupil. I just selected the vertices in the center and shrunk or expanded them using proportional editing.
This obviously isn’t the best, most realistic eye, but I wanted more of a semi-realistic and semi-stylized eye for my characters.

(Tarik Krug) #12

Cool it’s more realistic than mine