Zach King Color Illusions video

Hey, guys, I’ve been heading a project the last several months that finally went live today that presents various color illusions:

On the surface, you may wonder what Blender has to do with these illusions, but I used Blender heavily for R&D, trying to figure out how to best present certain illusions.

The first illusion that uses a cast shadow had 3 different concepts, but in the end, we went with the penguins idea. Here was the penguins setup in Blender testing the idea (Eevee):

The 3D print setup:

Real life proved to be more challenging as the “gray” filament turned out to be slightly tinted compared to a natural shadow. We messed with light temperature and gels to get the lighting we need to make it work IRL.

Also, I mocked up how the paper prints mural would look like in real life on the wall compared to Zach’s height:

Different color possibilities for the donuts illusion were explored:
And the stripes for 3D printing:
We went through different brand donuts, various different colored/spaced stripes to get our final effect. There was a point I thought this might be impossible IRL, but thankfully, when everything came together, the illusion worked.

Hope you enjoy the video!