Zafira, Tunnel Pilot 3, 2599 - all downloadable from my site

(Abracsis) #1


Zafira - 4 Level Character Game

Tunnel Pilot 3 - be a tunnel pilot

2599 - top view space shoter (deployer .exe)

enjoy them, I made them quite a while ago. Compared with the current project, they are very basic.

you know the thing. If the link don’t work copy and paste it into your address bar


p.s enjoy

(saluk) #2

Hey, I remember these cool games! Awesome trip down memory lane, and our newer members of the community will be glad to see them Im sure.

(joecool) #3

HAHA that’s funny! I was playing Zafira and Tunnel Pilot 3 today! I am putting both of them on my site. Tunnel Pilot 3 is already there. I am going to upload the updated site soon.

(Ben) #4

-I like very much Zafira and its dynamic settings.Cool games.

(S_W) #5

Awesome games!! Keep your great work up! :stuck_out_tongue:

(mainman) #6

yeah zafira was cooool!
reminded me a bit of pooba’s roller game (or vice versa)…
it makes you want to try over and over again, and thats very cool

(Pooba) #7

I want to download them, but i’m on vacation and i can’t run blender :frowning: .

I should update roller again…